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People, Profits & Purpose Podcast – Stephen Bock – Episode 3 – Reaching the summit, in business and in life

What is it like to stand on top of the world, to know that every other living thing on the planet is “down there below”? What does it even take to prepare for the three month on mountain journey, that comes with a 90% failure rate? Stephen Bock knows all too well. Stephen Bock is...

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People, Profits & Purpose Podcast – Tom Collins – Episode 2 – From Blue collar background to Sales Superstar

From telephone sales and coaching training – to being on TV and selling to over 15,000 buying customers a week, Tom is one of the most experienced direct response and revenue optimization experts on the planet. “As the founder of “FOUND REVENUE” and the CEO of C5 Consulting, based in Salt Lake City USA, Tom’s...

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People, Profits & Purpose Podcast – Nick Psaila – Episode 1 – Your introduction to the podcast

In this first episode of the People Profits & Purpose Podcast, host Nick Psaila outlines his goals, objectives and key focus of the show. Taking a leaf from his bestselling book “UPology”, Nick briefly defines the Universal Themes and Principles that he teaches and swears by for a successful life. Yin & Yang (01:30min) Ouroboros...

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