People Profits Purpose – Glen Ledwell – Episode 23 – The little known Aussie that rocked the world and grew his business to over 5 million customers in under 10 years

A bit about Glen:

Glen Ledwell is an Australian entrepreneur with a diverse background.  Glen started his first business at the age of 17 and throughout his early career he owned and operated a nightclub, property development company, an event company and started Australia’s first ever in-bathroom advertising company.

In 2007, Glen co-founded the Mind Movies – a personal development ‘vision board’ movement inspired by the best-selling book “The Secret” that led him to move to San Diego.  Today Mind Movies has reached over 4.2 million viewers.

Glen also formed Flight Club Mastermind – an exclusive, high-end online marketing mastermind for top internet marketing entrepreneurs.

  • Glen talks about growing up Sydney and his early passion for being an entrepreneur.
  • Glen chats about how the best-selling book “The Secret” was the inspiration to start his business “Mind Movies”.
  • He chats to Nick about moving to San Diego in the early days and the challenges of building his business.
  • Nick and Glen discuss visualisation and the importance of connecting emotion to your goals.
  • Glen talks about being an Australian in the United States – the advantages and disadvantages.
  • How “The Flight Club” started and it’s aims and goals.
  • About life as an entrepreneur – to stop procrastinating and just ‘do’.

00:55 Nick introduces Glen Ledwell.

03:30 Glen talks about his background – growing up in Sydney.  Starting his first business at 15.

06:00 Nick asks Glen where his passion for entrepreneurism came from?

09:20 What does Glen Ledwell do today?   Glen talks about being the CEO of Mind Movies and Flight Club.  Glen discusses what he loves doing.

11:32 Nick asks Glen more about “Mind Movies” – Glen talks about the back story and the challenges he had building his business.

14:00 Glen discusses how the book “The Secret” inspired him to change his thinking and how they started the company with $2,300.

17:00 Glen talks about his two “a-haa” moments as he started his business.  

18:30 Glen moves to the US in a lot of debt to launch his business – living and breathing  the ‘law of attraction’ stories.

20:00 Glen recalls a funny story about buying in Ocean Beach, San Diego.

23:12 Nick asks Glen why vision boarding is so powerful.  The key is to tie emotion into your visualisation. Nick discusses Mind Movies in greater detail – how to attract abundance         through emotional connections.

26:00 Why don’t people get what they want.  Glen says “if you don’t give up, you can’t fail”.               You have to be consistent.

27:05 To tie emotion to visualisation – you need to trick your brain into believing it.  Not-believing is the biggest challenge.

28:30 What is it like for Australians living in the United States?

30:20 Realising that the Australian accent was an advantage in America.

32:20 Nick asks Glen what he thinks his purpose is today?

33:07 Glen talks about his side business from Mind Movies – called “Abundant Entrepreneurs”.

35:30 How do stay the path of being an entrepreneur – finding your passion and not staying in a state of lack.  The biggest killer of entrepreneurs is procrastination. Just take a step and learn from it.

37:45 Glen discusses “Flight Club” and what made him create it – only 40 members who meet 3 times a year.

40:20 Rapid fire questions – book, one word describes you, favourite destination, spirit animal, favourite food,

41:50 Favourite Aussie Slang that Americans don’t get it.

42:30 Glen’s contact details.




BOOKS  available through””

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

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A bit about Chris:

Chris Ducker is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, business owner and founder of Youpreneur – a new business model that builds a business based on your own personal brand.

Chris is regularly featured in Entrepreneur,  Forbes, Success, The Huffington Post, and Business Insider and has recently released his new book “Rise of the Youpreneur”.

Chris’ previous book “Virtual Freedom” – a guide to running and growing your own business with the help of virtual staff, became a 4 time Number 1 Best Seller, selling over 30,000 copies on

  • Chris talks about growing up in England – loving books but not liking school and the education system.
  • He dropped out of University after six months and went in sales.
  • After having a breakdown in 2009, Chris came up with the “Virtual CEO” concept and from that he discovered the Youpreneur.
  • A Youpreneur is the process of building a business around your own personal brand utilising your expertise and personality - it’s a sustainable business model based on you.
  • Through podcasts, keynote speaking and books – Chris teaches people how to monetise the business of ‘you’.
  • Chris talks about focusing on the right aspects of your business and spending 80% of your time on the right parts of your business.

01:55 Nick welcomes Chris Ducker to the podcast.

02:58 Nick asks Chris about his background growing up in England.  

He talks about his love of reading.

05:30 Chris talks about the business card his father posted on his bedroom door

when he was a teen that had a huge impact on his life.

07:30 Chris discusses dropping out of University 6 months after starting.

09:00 Nick asks Chris about the relevance of today’s education system and university.

12:15 Tips on how to get children involved in business.

14:11 Chris talks about the definition of a Youpreneur and how it’s different to a business owner.

18:12 Nick asks Chris to explain how people do business with you before your brand.

19:50 Chris talks about his podcast show “Virtual Business Lifestyle” and how he was building a personal business brand without knowing it.

22:10 The business audit that changed Chris Ducker’s life.

23:50 Nick asks Chris about transitioning your current business to a Youpreneur type model.

28:20 Chris talks about his own business and what aspects work best for him and what he concentrates on – the 80/20 principle.

30:25 Nick asks Chris about his books – and how to ‘future proof your business’.

31:00 When you build a business based around you and what you stand for – it cannot be copied.

32:15 When you become somebody’s favourite – they will follow you and will support you whatever you do.

34:00 Chris talks about how he promotes Youpreneur through Social Media.  He uses different platforms to direct them through to the website – it’s important not to build a business solely on Social Media.

36:00 The numbers never lie – always look at the numbers and spread your message accordingly.

38:05 Chris discusses the “Three list of Freedoms”.

40:10 What would people walk away from after reading “The Rise of the Youprener”.

41:10 What is life like today as an Youpreneur.

43:00 Living life on your own terms.

43:15 What does success mean to Chris Ducker?

43:50 How to connect with Chris Ducker.


Rise of the Youpreneur –

Virtual Freedom –