People Profits Purpose – John Belcher – Episode 20 – A teacher and partner at

A bit about John:

John Belcher is a teacher and partner at – a company that educates people on how to succeed with paid traffic. With AdSkills – John has helped businesses master the ever-changing world of online advertising. John grew up in a small town in Wyoming and studied at University of Notre Dame and is a former “Googler” – who believes that YouTube is the best way to advertise online.

  • John Belcher is a Partner and Teacher at “” that educates people in effective ways to use and profit from paid advertising on major online platforms.
  • John grew up in a small town and then went to the University of Notre Dame – his small town values led him to help people get the most from their advertising dollar – not just to burn them.
  • John has a passion for YouTube and believes this is the most engaging, affordable and trackable way to connect with customers and attract new business.
  • Business owners shouldn’t be worried about click numbers – the focus should be about the quality of people you are attracting – the numbers will be lower, but the conversion rate will be higher.
  • John talks to Nick about the top three things any small business should do to start attracting business online.
  • John encourages people to look at to learn more about their courses.

02:18 Nick welcomes John Belcher to the podcast.

02:40 John talks about his background – growing up in Wyoming.

Going to the University of Notre Dame.

05:20 John talks about the values he gained from growing up in a small town how it transferred into the business world.

08:30 Nick asks John about life at University and gaining a job at Striker selling medical devices after school.

09:50 Nick asks John “Why YouTube”?  How is it a different, more organic, engaging platform than Facebook?

12:10 John talks about “Attention, Ad, Action”

12:50 John mentions that YouTube is the second most used search engine behind Google (and google owns YouTube) – Google can categorise you based on what you’re searching for.  It’s not about interest, it’s about intent.

14:00 John explains how Google ads work.  How Google builds a profile based on your online behaviour.

15:46 John talks about how Google picks up ‘atypical’ actions – so they know when you’re in the market for something different.

17:30 Nick ask John to explain the difference between paid advertising and organic Youtube marketing. YouTube is made to entertain or inform.

20:20 John discusses the advantages of Video SEO  

20:50 John talks about paid advertising on YouTube – the ads that run before the video clip.  How to target these videos so people won’t skip.

23:30 You need to approach paid traffic with the right mind set – have realistic expectations.

Advertising is an investment.


25:04 Nick asks John to run through what should happen when someone clicks through on an ad!

26:00 You can’t compare Facebook ads with YouTube ads – they’re not the same.

27:12 How YouTube increases organic traffic to your website – it’s doesn’t come through click only traffic.  Your home page needs to be built as a conversion page.

30:30 John talks about how YouTube users are higher in quality – they may cost more than Facebook but are better in the end.

31:20 People have become lazy ad consumers, particularly on Facebook – YouTube weeds out tyre-kickers – because you have to go through more hoops to get to the site.

33:40 Do as much as you can to get the right enquiries – don’t just focus on the numbers.

34:30 Nick asks John where a typical small business should start?

Retargeting – staying in touch with current audience/buyers to increase lifetime value.

36:48 Using In-display ads – extremely targeted and cost effective.

40:00 John talks about using YouTube geographically to target customers in your area…

41:00 Run of Network Advertising –your ad serves on any video content.

43:45 John Belcher contact details:

  • “” – courses to sell advertising on major platforms
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7 lessons that make the biggest different in paid advertising.

47:06 Nick thanks John for his time.