People, Profits & Purpose Podcast – David Cavanagh – Episode 4 – Wise words from the Google and Youtube wizard.

David is a keynote speaker working the four corners of the globe.  A larger than life Aussie who has lived in Thailand for over 13 years and currently runs workshops & boot camps in getting businesses onto the first page of Google and Youtube.

Once found dressed as Superman on Gold Coast Booze Cruises, he’s now far happier providing step by step guides on how to getting you ranked well, and he tells it like it is.

In this episode, David explains his techniques used to generate motivated clients and how to make money using his tried and tested tools.

  • Getting on Google’s first page!
  • Just call “sales” – helping people if you like.
  • Made $1million in 9 months – by just getting stuck in
  • The laptop should be called the Lap-SHOP… earn money anywhere!
  • Super Dave – to super Blubber! Booze Cruise hero with a six pack!
  • Learn the power of Youtube.
  • What does google want from you?
  • Be the dumbest person in the room

03:25 David’s formative years!  His Punchbowl origins living down the road from Vince Sorenti (Aussie Comedian).

05:45 How did David get into sales?  We’re all in sales, whether we know or not.  We’re all selling something!

07:19 How do you find a way to sell and be well received.  Solve a problem… how?

09:40 How did Dave end up living in Asia?

10:15 Moved to Thailand – had very little money.  Locked himself into a room, figured out what he was good at, made some services/products.  Nine months later had made a Million!

12:25 What is Dave’s super power…?   Getting clients on First Page of Google – building a sustainable business and putting money in the bank account

13:40 Youtube is powerful if you provide solutions to people’s problems.  Don’t focus on HITS!  That’s how idiots track success.  

Drive leads to a landing page… convert that interest….  Good call to action.  Need a great site that rewards the interest.  Wow them…. Make sure your video matches your pages.  

16:55 Don’t be scared of doing videos.  Even your mobile phone camera is brilliant.  

19:54 Get noticed on Google…  focus on your business – and let the professionals do the optimising.   Model the success of others.  Google wants relevant results – give people what they want to buy.  Use Opt-ins, reports and don’t spam google with black hat techniques.

Give google what they want!  Ts & Cs, Policies and Procedures, contact pages with a phone number…and they will reward you.

22:30 HOT TIP: On the Chrome browser (Google’s)… find SEO STACK.  Get relevant key phrases to use in content writing, site content etc.  Try “” Give it time.  

24:17 Secret Tip – Google Registration… shhh!

25:40 “Mobile Business Cards” – digital versions.  

29:37 Who has influence you?  Meeting Jim Rohn.  Tony Robbins, J Abraham.  Alan Pease

The main influence – those who attend my course.  They help make the course work.

33:25 How do you recharge?  Weirdly normal ways!


Best Book to Gift: “Greatest Salesman in the world” – Og Mandino

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