People Profits Purpose – Paul Chek – Episode 27 (Part 2) –  The founder of the CHEK Institute and Synkinesis LLC, providing personal, professional and spiritual solutions for success 

A bit about Paul: Paul Chek is an internationally-renowned expert in the fields of corrective and high-performance exercise and kinesiology.  He is a speaker and consultant, author and inventor – producing over 50 DVD’s and 16 home study courses for fitness and clinical professionals.

Paul provides personal, professional and spiritual solutions for success and is the founder of the CHEK Institute and Synkinesis LLC.

In Part Two, Nick continues his discussion with Paul Chek – who now talks about the spiritual world and consciousness…

00:44 Nick asks Paul “What is being human to you”

03:40 Paul talks about the Steiner Cross and the symbolism of it.

05:40 Paul talks about chakras and what they mean.

09:10 Human beings are capable of dealing with non-sensory information – complicated integration of physical and energy systems that has the capacity to travel out of their body.

11:31 Human being is capable of recognising that it is a product of the universe and has the power to create and destroy nature.

11:10 The more we use our minds to free ourselves, the more inspired we feel to share with everyone.

13:31 When a person realises they are their neighbours, plants chemicals – they have a sense of reverence for life – you are part of it, you can celebrate it.

14:40 Nick asks Paul – how can we understand the soul and who we are.

15:10 Only 4% of matter is what we pick up in the universe – the rest is pure energy. Unconditional love is consciousness itself.

18:00 The only number that is free of conditions is ZERO.

20:25 The soul is the consciousness within an individual.

22:15 Nick asks Paul – how do you know you’re in alignment with who you are meant to be and what you’re meant to do in life.

23:15 The heart is the organ that senses love – the heart is a compass so when you’re moving towards love you feel more alive.

25:25 If you follow your bliss, you’ll always get bliss.  If you follow the money, you’ll get money – but not necessarily health/happiness.

26:25 Can you look back on your life – all the jobs you had (that you didn’t enjoy) ended up to be a collection of skills that helped you achieve what you’re doing now.

28:40 A midlife crisis – when you get to the point that you’re on the top of the ladder, but you’re on the wall.

29:55 The definition of consciousness – a psychic substance that is intangible that is produced in living awareness of opposites.  

32:40 If you didn’t have challenges, how would that influence your willingness to grow spiritually – would you be inspired to go deeper into yourself.

33:55 Nick asks Paul – is the end ever there?

34:55 Relationships bring us to people that gives us different perspective on life.

36:10 When we’re challenged by something that stresses us – those stresses ultimately inspire us to look for answers that grows our level of intelligence and our capacity to understand others and love.

38:56 Anything that helps you outside your business helps you inside your business.

39:30 Ask yourself what would nourish me right now?  A lot of times it’s not that we’re bored at work, we just don’t have anything besides work to enjoy.

40:30 Nick asks Paul what he thinks happens when we die.

42:40 The vibrational consciousness – the lucid dream state.

46:32 We keep coming back until we reach a state – where we become one with the divine ocean.

46:58 Desire to live is so powerful that we keep wanting to come back.    

Desiring objects keep you on the wheel of life and death.

49:40 Paul’s contact details