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Coaching Conversations – Ep 1: Focus, Running Lean & Pivoting Your Business Model.

In this, the first episode of Coaching Conversations, Nick and Chris from Upcoach discuss real-life strategies to get things done in your business, especially in the time of Covid-19.

What should you be focusing on at the moment?

What two things will help stabilise your business now on going forward?

How to make your business come out the other side thriving!

There are some exciting opportunities ahead for businesses that dare to take a chance, those prepared to pivot, to focus …. and to take the lead in their industry. 

How can you do that?

This episode covers these and more powerful insights in one tight and punchy 20-minute chat. 



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0:00        Show Intro

0:27        Chris and Nick discuss the purpose of the new “Coaching Conversations Podcast”.  Which is btw – an upbeat series where Nick and Chris help answer question about overcoming real-life challenges in your business.  They provide strategies and usable tools to help you take more action and get things done in your business.  Short, Sharp and Punchy – with great value!

2:15        If you have questions you’d like answered… please contact us at:

2:51        What should you be focussing on any business and niche… to stabilise your business for the future?

3:17        There’s a lack of attention to detail on “where’s the money going”.  There’s a need to KNOW these important things.  Don’t rely just on others knowing these for you.

3:59        Most people think to get a business through COVID they need to stop spending money, cut back on marketing, shut everything down, just to eat bread and water, fire everybody and don’t grow your people.  The exact opposite is true?  Why?

4:37        First thing to look at…  What your income is and what your expenses are.  Tone up the ship where you can.  To stabilise, making it leaner may be advantageous.  You need to get ready to move forward when things normalise… In whatever shape that is.

5:27        Running leaner doesn’t mean firing people, getting rid of staff, hibernating.  Means looking at more efficient ways of doing things.  Find cheaper suppliers, ordering less, rostering better… Wiser stock controls.

6:00        Two things to stabilise a business.  Become Financially efficient, and Operationally efficient.  Have you had too many people doing little bits and piece… or been doing everything yourself.  Maybe you need to hire someone… make room for you, so you can grow the business.

8:27        It all comes down to how you think about or / perceive things….  There have been thousands of people saved because of Covid-19 (New York Car accidents are down).

9:41        What does PIVOT mean in a business?   What are practical steps to doing this?  Change your model to incorporate more technology so you can cut down on prices.  Use cloud services and tidy things up!  Most importantly… UP THE SERVICE!  Over-deliver for clients.  Show value, show that your customer is worth more than gold.  Doing this is vital to your success.

14:31     Embrace Technology… use it to your advantage.  We have to.  If we are not, our competitors are.

15:02     What lies ahead in next few months in business?   With millions on some form of welfare today, things are uncertain.  Hospitality services will be in demand as people are keen to get out and about.   There’ll be a shift in the way people transact, more online focus… so business opportunities will continue to arise if you can be online and found. 

17:16     There’s a very real opportunity to lead your industry.  It’s exciting.  Start to advertise, go back to your database and contact people you we’re selling to before.   Innovate and reinvent your model.

18:31     Look at your business from the outside.  Think – “how is my industry going to be affected in the next 6 months?” 

How can you zig or zag to make the most of this opportunity?  Organically

19:01     Show wrap up…. Contact us at questions or chat about …



Things have changed in business.  If you’re not prepared to change also, there’s a real chance you will suffer.  By focussing your efforts on super serving your existing clients, re-engaging former clients and looking for ways to run lean… will help greatly.  Make great use of cloud services to minimize expenses.  Don’t become the bottleneck in your business.  Stabilise, Up the Service, be proactive in your marketing and activities so that you’re in a great place to lead the industry when things get back to some form or normality – however that will look.

People Profits Purpose – Jeff Spencer – Episode 30 – Olympic Medalist turned Champion Maker

A bit about Jeff: Dr Jeff Spencer has had a full life.  At the age of 11, he made a commitment to join the 1972 Olympics Team as a cyclist.  Against all odds, that dream became a reality.  Later, after earning a master’s degree in sports science, Dr Spencer became a chiropractor. At the age of 43 after discovering that his genius father, who was last seen 30 years earlier, died homeless on the streets of NYC, Jeff resolved to spend the rest of his life showing others where they were on their path, what was coming next and the smoothest path forward to reach their bigger future & best legacy.

Today Dr Jeff Spencer is a Champion Maker with clients from Tiger Woods to U2, Bulletproof to Nike. 

He teaches clients his road map experience – how to achieve your goals.

  • Dr Jeff Spencer talks about his childhood – the Olympics, becoming a glass blower and world renowned chiropractor until today, where he is a ‘champion maker’ with high powered clients, helping them achieve their goals and stay on track.
  • He talks about having a genius father who died homeless because he didn’t have a person to show him how to get to his goals.
  • Jeff discusses the benefits of having a “Cornerman” in your life – the person who has a rounded view of life, experiences and ambition.
  • Jeff opens up about the life-changing experience of raising his adopted daughter from Columbia.

How everything you say matters to children. 

  • Just positive thinking isn’t enough without the skill set to get you to where you want to be.
  • Champions Blueprint – the path and steps that need to be taken to achieve your goal in life.

01:40 Nick welcomes Jeff to the show.

02:10 Nick asks Jeff about his background – growing up in Southern California. 

Becoming an Olympian, learning art of glassblowing to achieving a chiropractic degree

and becoming international sports chiropractor.

He is motivated by asking himself “How far can I go in this area”.

06:24 Nick asks Jeff “what do you today” – what is it that he is known for.

07:28 Dr Jeff Spencer discusses a typical day in an athletes life – mentally as well as physically.

12:08 Nick asks why high performers and over achievers like Tiger Woods get off track and what

they need to do to get back on the right path.

13:44 People don’t change as much physically as they do mentally and emotionally. 

14:45 Dr Spencer talks about his father dying on the streets – lack of road map, path in life. 

People don’t know how to get to where they want to go.

16:05 How do we achieve our goals consistently, repeatedly and achievably?

16:25 What is a “Cornerman”?  Three types of advisers – coach, mentor and Cornerman

And how a cornerman is a more rounded person in life

20:14 Nick asks Jeff about the experience of raising his adopted daughter from Columbia.

You have to make your life worth something.

26:22 Jeff discusses when you’re called up for something – you need to show up.

26:50 Nick and Jeff discuss why positive thinking alone doesn’t help you succeed.

You can’t think yourself to a place where you don’t have the skills to do it.

27:50 When your confidence increases your anxiety drops.

28:15 Life can only be as good as the skills you have.

29:45 The reason Jeff’s father died homeless – he was missing two things:

  • Cornerman define where he was and the challenges
  • Road Map that showed him how to take his ambition to achievement.

Goal setting is not achievement.

31:15 Nick asks Jeff about his ‘champions blueprint’.   Most people follow the ‘gap model’.

But the gap is really a system – preparation then performance.

35:30 Nick’s rapid fire questions.

    • Top two or three books influenced your life?
    • What would it say on your tombstone?
    • Achievement that haven’t done yet?
    • Which animal would you be and why?


Never Split the Difference – Chris Voss

The Rise of Superman – Steven Cotler




39:30Nick thanks Dr Jeff for being a part of the Podcast.

People Profits Purpose – Harry Duran – Episode 29 – Founder of FullCast – A Done – For – You Podcast Production And Marketing Consultancy.

A bit about Harry: Harry Duran is the Founder of FullCast, a full-service, done-for-you podcast production and marketing consultancy. He helps brands and high-performing entrepreneurs amplify their authority and extend their reach through the power of podcasting.

As host of the popular Podcast Junkies on iTunes since 2014, Harry has had conversations with over 185 interesting and engaging podcast personalities.

  • Harry started in the world of corporate America, then migrated through a series of different jobs and careers until he “found himself” when he started the mobile app “Know Your DJ” which progressed to “Podcast Junkies”.
  • Harry discusses how he learned to focus on the areas you are genuinely good at and to outsource those areas that you aren’t as good as.
  • Harry talks about businesses using podcast and delivering content to attract new business
  • Discusses the six parts to podcasts.
  • How to use podcasts to increase your network, meet new people and create relationships for future business.

01:58 Nick welcomes Harry Duran to the podcast.

02:07 Nick asks Harry to talk about his background – starting his career in corporate America.

I.T Consulting, Construction, start ups

05:06 At the age of 34, Harry found himself living back at home – he decided to create his own future.

05:51 In 2012, Harry came up with the mobile app “Know your DJ”!

06:10 In 2014, saw a Podcasters conference in Las Vegas and “Podcast Junkies.

06:55 What gave Harry the courage to continue making podcasting your career/passion.

09:05 Harry discusses the power of believing in yourself and being comfortable with failure.

10:00 Nick asks Harry to describe mindset of being “a student of the craft”.

11:10 Harry discusses ‘focusing on your genius”. Focusing on those things you are good at and getting

others to look after those things you aren’t good at (ask for help – don’t do it all)

13:50 What type of businesses can start a podcast?

14:45 People buy from people – businesses need to create content that needs to repel and attract people.

15:20 Putting your authentic self forward – try not to please everyone.

16:12 There are different ways to present a podcast – not just interviews…

20:06 Nick asks how would a small business owner use podcasts as a money generator.

Who is your desired listener?

20:45 80% of podcasts are listened while on the go.

21:00 Harry discusses a few examples of the content small businesses can use to attract leads.

23:15 Nick talks to Harry about how to use your podcast on different social platforms to increase SEO and attract new leads.

24:45 Try to be where people are shopping for your products – expos, shows – promoting your podcasts.

25:30 The one thing you should do if you have a podcast is make the listener subscribe – so they download the episode.

26:00 – gives you a unique url for your podcast.  Redirects them to the link.

27:00 Harry discusses the six parts to a successful podcast.

  • Position
  • Plan
  • Production
  • Publish
  • Promotion
  • Profiting

31:50 Nick asks Harry – What are the Common Misconceptions around Podcasting?

34:00 Harry talks about not getting caught up in download figures, how 150 downloads is an incredible figure.

36:30 What has Podcast Junkies done for Harry?

37:50 The networking power of a Podcast – building a network interviewing people.

41:30 Nick asks Harry – “what do you like doing when you’re not working”.

43:15 What would you like to known for in 100 years?

45:20 Harry’s contact details:

The Link to the Podcast Launch Gameplan





Instagram: harryduranfc

47:15Nick thanks Harry for being a part of the Podcast.

People Profits Purpose – Serg Dimitrijevic – Episode 28 – How The Boy From Sydney Ended Up In the Legendary Band – Earth, Wind and Fire

A bit about Serg: Serg Dimitrijevic started his music career at the age of 13 when he bought a guitar in his home town of Sydney. After studying music at university, Serg made a name for himself on the Australian music circuit playing and touring with Australian artists for over a decade.

Feeling unfulfilled and uninspired, Serg ventured to LA where he spends the next 12 years forging a new career.   These days Serg does studio sessions, touring, producing and writing for his own projects, other artists and music for licensing in TV and film.

Serg also currently tours with the legendary band “Earth Wind and Fire” and has his own project group – Intergalactix.

  • Serg talks about growing up with a love of music – how he knew that guitar was for him.
  • Serg discusses how he got into the industry in Australia – all the hard work, free gigs and increasing his network – just like you do in small business.
  • Serg talks about how he became complacent and unmotivated and needed to get to the United States to further himself and his career.
  • Nick and Serg discuss how hard it was to start again from scratch, getting into the right mindset and overcoming hurdles to be the best you can be.
  • The difference between the American and Australian culture – laid back vs more individual mindset.
  • Serg tells the story of meeting Prince, visiting his home and using him as inspiration for a hard working person.
  • Nick asks Serg about working with musical legends “Earth Wind and Fire” – Serg discusses meeting them and going on tour with the band.
  • Serg answers Nick’s quick fire questions.

01:45 Nick welcomes Serg Dimitrijevic to the podcast.

02:15 Serg talks about his background – growing up.

03:50 Nick asks Serg “why guitar” ?  How did you know that it was it?

05:49 Serg talks about how he worked his way up in the industry

Word of mouth – playing with people to get your name out there.

Taking free gigs to get out there and building up a reputation.

08:20 Nick discusses how the Business of Music is harder to succeed at than everyday business

09:20 Serg discusses the importance of networking and selling the ‘brand of yourself’.

11:20 People don’t see what goes behind the scenes preparing, rehearsing etc – the hard work

12:10 Nick asks Serg about his decision to move to the States.  Why did he move and what was it like?

13.00 Serg talks about becoming complacent and not feeling fulfilled in Australia –

he wasn’t progressing the way he wanted to.   Touring became boring.

14:30 Serg talks about starting from scratch in the States.   Doing free sessions, meeting as many

people as possible

16:21 Nick talks to Serg about what he had to change to break through in America as opposed to

Australia.   The difference in culture and individuality.

Finding your own voice and discover yourself.

19:10 Serg discusses the mindset – what kind of mindset did you have to have to start again.

The right mindset was learned in Australia.

21:40 Nick asks Serg to describe a typical day with a touring artist in the U.S.

23:00 Touring on buses – Serg talks about the gruelling days and not as flashy as its portrayed

in the movies.

Like being a start-up business that travels.

27:30 Nick asks Serg what it was like to meet Prince and go to his mansion in Bel-Air.

How he inspired Serg.

31:38 Nick asks Serg about working with Earth, Wind and Fire – and how that came about.

35:40 Serg talks about having to learn choreography with the band.

36:15 Nick’s rapid fire questions:

What piece of music has had the biggest impact on your life?

Top 3 favourite guitarists?

Favourite guitar you like playing?

If you had to be an animal – which one and why?

38:44 How can people reach out to Serge? Follow work.

Instagram “sergdmusic”

Twitter: @SergGuitar

Facebook “serg dimitijevic”

Serg’s band – Intergalactix

Website – “the”

41:00 Nick thanks Serg for being a part of the Podcast.

People Profits Purpose – Paul Chek – Episode 27 (Part 2) –  The founder of the CHEK Institute and Synkinesis LLC, providing personal, professional and spiritual solutions for success 

A bit about Paul: Paul Chek is an internationally-renowned expert in the fields of corrective and high-performance exercise and kinesiology.  He is a speaker and consultant, author and inventor – producing over 50 DVD’s and 16 home study courses for fitness and clinical professionals.

Paul provides personal, professional and spiritual solutions for success and is the founder of the CHEK Institute and Synkinesis LLC.

In Part Two, Nick continues his discussion with Paul Chek – who now talks about the spiritual world and consciousness…

00:44 Nick asks Paul “What is being human to you”

03:40 Paul talks about the Steiner Cross and the symbolism of it.

05:40 Paul talks about chakras and what they mean.

09:10 Human beings are capable of dealing with non-sensory information – complicated integration of physical and energy systems that has the capacity to travel out of their body.

11:31 Human being is capable of recognising that it is a product of the universe and has the power to create and destroy nature.

11:10 The more we use our minds to free ourselves, the more inspired we feel to share with everyone.

13:31 When a person realises they are their neighbours, plants chemicals – they have a sense of reverence for life – you are part of it, you can celebrate it.

14:40 Nick asks Paul – how can we understand the soul and who we are.

15:10 Only 4% of matter is what we pick up in the universe – the rest is pure energy. Unconditional love is consciousness itself.

18:00 The only number that is free of conditions is ZERO.

20:25 The soul is the consciousness within an individual.

22:15 Nick asks Paul – how do you know you’re in alignment with who you are meant to be and what you’re meant to do in life.

23:15 The heart is the organ that senses love – the heart is a compass so when you’re moving towards love you feel more alive.

25:25 If you follow your bliss, you’ll always get bliss.  If you follow the money, you’ll get money – but not necessarily health/happiness.

26:25 Can you look back on your life – all the jobs you had (that you didn’t enjoy) ended up to be a collection of skills that helped you achieve what you’re doing now.

28:40 A midlife crisis – when you get to the point that you’re on the top of the ladder, but you’re on the wall.

29:55 The definition of consciousness – a psychic substance that is intangible that is produced in living awareness of opposites.  

32:40 If you didn’t have challenges, how would that influence your willingness to grow spiritually – would you be inspired to go deeper into yourself.

33:55 Nick asks Paul – is the end ever there?

34:55 Relationships bring us to people that gives us different perspective on life.

36:10 When we’re challenged by something that stresses us – those stresses ultimately inspire us to look for answers that grows our level of intelligence and our capacity to understand others and love.

38:56 Anything that helps you outside your business helps you inside your business.

39:30 Ask yourself what would nourish me right now?  A lot of times it’s not that we’re bored at work, we just don’t have anything besides work to enjoy.

40:30 Nick asks Paul what he thinks happens when we die.

42:40 The vibrational consciousness – the lucid dream state.

46:32 We keep coming back until we reach a state – where we become one with the divine ocean.

46:58 Desire to live is so powerful that we keep wanting to come back.    

Desiring objects keep you on the wheel of life and death.

49:40 Paul’s contact details

People Profits Purpose – Paul Chek – Episode 27 (Part1) –  The founder of the CHEK Institute and Synkinesis LLC, providing personal, professional and spiritual solutions for success 

A bit about Paul: Paul Chek is an internationally-renowned expert in the fields of corrective and high-performance exercise and kinesiology.  He is a speaker and consultant, author and inventor – producing over 50 DVD’s and 16 home study courses for fitness and clinical professionals.

Paul provides personal, professional and spiritual solutions for success and is the founder of the CHEK Institute and Synkinesis LLC.

In Part One, Paul talks about his background and journey into his current field. He spends time discussing the physical body and physical health.

  • Paul discusses his childhood and growing up on a farm on Vancouver Island.
  • He travelled to the U.S at 21 and joined the army.
  • Paul talks how his army career led him into the field of high performance training – nutrition, conditioning and training.
  • Paul spends some time talking about the ‘totem pole of importance’ and how every part of the body is connected to the next.
  • Paul discusses the elements of the totem pole in depth and how they work.
  • Paul mentions the 4 Doctors you need in life and how they need to be balanced for everything to work in synergy.

01:00 Nick introduces Paul Chek.

02:30 Paul talks about his background.  Growing up in Los Angeles and moving to Vancouver Island as a child.  Being raised on a farm, Paul developed grounding in nutrition and using your mind to solve promblems.  

06:45 At 21, Paul moved to U.S and joined the Army. Went to Ford Bragg and got into the Boxing team.

08:10 Paul was in charge for conditioning, nutrition and training for the team and began career.

09:50 Paul talks about spending money on studying the most he could in his field.

10:50 Paul discusses where his studying has led him and what he has achieved.

12:15 Nick asks Paul about the “Chek totem pole of importance” for human survival.

14:30 Paul talks about the extensive research he conducted to piece together a model on the 10 symbols that controls each other…The higher it is, the more power it has.

15:30 Paul discusses the 10 different symbols and what they mean.

21:40 Paul talks about the medical system and how it is set up.

22:45 Nick asks Paul “Why do people over complicate things?”.

23:22 Almost everything can be attributed to the 4 Doctors –

Dr Happiness, Dr Diet, Dr Quiet, Dr Movement.

26:30 Religious programming – that stop us from living and loving fully

27:50 One of great challenges is our systems are set up to worship authority figures

and forsaking our own happiness in the process.

29:30 We live in a world of ideas but we don’t know where our food comes from.

In Part Two:  Paul will delve into the spiritual world sharing his insights into who we and and what we’re doing on this planet.


People Profits Purpose – Episode 26 – Extreme Ownership – 5 thinks I’ve learnt from the most decorated U.S Marines.

Nick talks about the book he read called “Extreme Ownership” by Jocko Willink – a decorated U.S Marine. He outlines the five things he took from this book that can be adapted to you and your business.

  • Admit and own mistakes
  • There are no bad teams, only bad leaders
  • Control your ego
  • Lead up the command
  • Discipline yourself

01:10 Nick talks about the book “Extreme Ownership” and the five things he adapted from a military point of you that can be incorporated in your business.

01:30 Number 1 – Admit and own mistakes and develop a plan to overcome them and blame no one else.

04:00 Whatever you don’t know, you don’t know – don’t be embarrassed by not knowing, you have the ability to change and move forward and take responsibility.

04:50 Number 2 – There are no bad teams, only bad leaders.

05:50 If you think of your team as your client – it gives you a great insight into how you are dealing with them and serving them.

07:05 Number 3 – Control your ego.

07:40 EGO is sometimes referred to as ‘Edging God Out’ – you’re not allowing yourself to grow and be nurturing and acting with love and respect..

08:40 Number 4 – Lead up the Command.

Don’t ask/tell your leader what should you do – tell them/show them what you are going to do.

10:10 As a leader – guide your staff and clients and show them what you’re going to do – as a mentor.

11:33 Number 5 – Discipline Yourself.

From personal disciplines of nutrition, exercise, sleeping habits to business disciplines like learning more about what you need to succeed professionally.

12:25 Self-discipline yourself – create habits that make you unconsciously competent.

14:41 Nick recaps the podcast.


People Profits Purpose – Nick Nanton – Episode 25 – Five Time Emmy Award-Winning Director and Producer

A bit about Nick:

Nick Nanton is a 5 time Emmy award-winning director and producer. Nick is recognised as a leading expert on branding and storytelling. He has written more than two dozen best-selling books and speaks to audiences internationally on the topics of branding, entertainment, media, business and storytelling.

  • Nick discusses his background and his attempts to “get a seat at the table” – doing something differently.
  • Telling stories is a simple process – it’s about where did you come from, where are you now and where are you going’.
  • Nick’s attitude to achieving his goals – you simply do not quit. Being fiercely resilient.
  • When you celebrate each and every little win, it starts to become addictive.
  • Nick discusses his latest documentary about human trafficking and how much of an epidemic it is.
  • Nick talks about his love of fishing and the life lessons he has learnt from fishing.
  • Nick explains how he has bought part of Winston Churchill’s cigar and what he did with it.

02:40 Nick introduces Nick Nanton.

03:00 Nick Nanton talks about his background – where it led him today.

Nick talks about trying to get ‘a seat at the table’ and his journey to do that.

06:15 Nick ask Nick what should people do to get that door opened – showing people that you have something worth listening to.

07:10 Nick asks how important is it for Nick N to tell stories. And how did it all come about?

08:50 Nick talks about how ‘you can dream it, you can do it’.

10:30 How do you start creating a documentary – what is the process?

11:40 Nick asks Nick to explain how he goes about creating a story of the documentary and what his objective?  Where did you come from, where are you now, where are you going?

13:01 How do you think about the questions to get the outcomes you want with the film?

16:35 Nick asks “How do you win 5 Emmy Awards?”.  Having a strategy, doing the best that you can, being fiercely resilient and not quitting.  Refusing to quit is the key

17:40 What is your process to deal with projects that don’t go to plan?   “Moving on” is the key. It’s never going to change – ‘the hammock principle’ – relax in hammock between brilliance and bankrupt.

22.15: Celebrate the little wins until they become a habit and addictive.

22:45: Nick talks about his new documentary “Operation Railroad” about Human Trafficking.

24:04: What does human trafficking look like?

26:45 Nick asks Nick Nanton to talk about the heroes or unique people he meets in his travels.   The secret to life is being interested and interesting.

27:40 Nick talks about the film for Rudicker or Rudy and meeting him – The Four Cs Character, courage contribution and commitment.

29:30 Nick Nanton talks about his love of fishing.  From fishing he learnt two great lessons in life –    you have to be fishing with the right bait, if you want to catch big fish you need to go where the big fish are.

31:10 Nick asks Nick Nanton why he bought a part of Winston Churchill’s cigar.  

32:50 What would you love to be known for?

34:10 How can people support and contact

Contact details “nick” go to “” – sign up to watch movies and share it.

People Profits Purpose – Natalie Ledwell – Episode 24 – Motivational speaker, best-selling author and co-founder of the revolutionary personal Development company “Mind Movies”.

A bit about Natalie: 

Natalie Ledwell is an internationally renowned motivational speaker, best-selling author, Law of Attraction Guru and co-founder of the revolutionary personal Development company “Mind Movies. These days, Natalie’s mission is to empower kids over the world to lead lives fulfilled with joy, happiness, and passion through positive affirmations and ‘mind movies’.

  • Natalie discusses the importance of Brain Plasticity – not doing things the same way every day – it increases the plasticity of the brain, so you’re more willing to accept new challenges.
  • Natalie discusses the importance of visualisation and ‘letting go’ to let the universe take care of you.
  • Being in alignment – knowing when you’re on the right and wrong track.
  • Creating an “Evidence Journal” to remind yourself that the universe is on your side when things seem hard.
  • Natalie discusses writing a book and the challenges and thrill that it gave her.
  • Nick and Natalie talk about Mind Movies for children and the road she travelled to start the project and the hurdles she faced.
  • Natalie explains the importance of emotional intelligence in children – to arm them with the techniques they need to acknowledge and deal with their changing emotions.
  • Children creating positive habits will lead to enlightened, happy and content adults.

02:35 Nick introduces Natalie Ledwell.

02:55 Nick asks how Natalie crams everything into her day or weeks…Starting the day right.

06:30 It’s important not to do the same thing the same way every day – increasing plasticity of the brain.

07:42 Natalie talks about becoming successful in business.

10:00 Natalie discusses about discovering “The Secret” and how it changed her life.  Visualising a big goal and focusing on smaller steps. Be clear about where you are going and truly believe it.

12:25 How do you know when you’re in alignment (and when you’re not) – when things are too hard and nothing is easy to achieve.

14:50 Natalie talks about keeping an “evidence journal”.  Write down everything that happens to you – to confirm that the universe is working with you.

15:30 Visualising – the importance of attaching a feeling to the visualisation.

16:45 Natalie talks being introduced to a network marketing business and discovering what is possible when using affirmations.  The importance of staying open to the universe.

22:00 Natalie talks about her book “Never in your Wildest Dreams” – what inspired her to write the book.

25:20 Nick asks Natalie to share her experiences of the difficulties in business.

26:00 Natalie talks about the kids visualisation program “Mind Movies for Kids” – creating movies to help children.

28:55 Breaking tasks down to steps and only concentrate on the next step.

30:30 We all have that feeling of being a fraud – you can’t stay there.  Shake it off and focus on the next step.

31:30 Nick asks Natalie – “What does the future look like in schools with her program”.

32:30 Emotional intelligence – working through your emotions, how to work through your feelings     or talk to someone when you can’t get out of it.

35:00 Creating great habits for kids through positive thoughts and affirmations – helping them grow with a sense of belonging and see a different way not to get stuck in it.

36:00 Nick asks Natalie – Why are kids today feeling lost?

40:00 How can people support the cause?  

“mind” – the Inspiration Show , “natalie”


Never In Your Wildest Dreams – Natalie Ledwell

People Profits Purpose – Glen Ledwell – Episode 23 – The little known Aussie that rocked the world and grew his business to over 5 million customers in under 10 years

A bit about Glen:

Glen Ledwell is an Australian entrepreneur with a diverse background.  Glen started his first business at the age of 17 and throughout his early career he owned and operated a nightclub, property development company, an event company and started Australia’s first ever in-bathroom advertising company.

In 2007, Glen co-founded the Mind Movies – a personal development ‘vision board’ movement inspired by the best-selling book “The Secret” that led him to move to San Diego.  Today Mind Movies has reached over 4.2 million viewers.

Glen also formed Flight Club Mastermind – an exclusive, high-end online marketing mastermind for top internet marketing entrepreneurs.

  • Glen talks about growing up Sydney and his early passion for being an entrepreneur.
  • Glen chats about how the best-selling book “The Secret” was the inspiration to start his business “Mind Movies”.
  • He chats to Nick about moving to San Diego in the early days and the challenges of building his business.
  • Nick and Glen discuss visualisation and the importance of connecting emotion to your goals.
  • Glen talks about being an Australian in the United States – the advantages and disadvantages.
  • How “The Flight Club” started and it’s aims and goals.
  • About life as an entrepreneur – to stop procrastinating and just ‘do’.

00:55 Nick introduces Glen Ledwell.

03:30 Glen talks about his background – growing up in Sydney.  Starting his first business at 15.

06:00 Nick asks Glen where his passion for entrepreneurism came from?

09:20 What does Glen Ledwell do today?   Glen talks about being the CEO of Mind Movies and Flight Club.  Glen discusses what he loves doing.

11:32 Nick asks Glen more about “Mind Movies” – Glen talks about the back story and the challenges he had building his business.

14:00 Glen discusses how the book “The Secret” inspired him to change his thinking and how they started the company with $2,300.

17:00 Glen talks about his two “a-haa” moments as he started his business.  

18:30 Glen moves to the US in a lot of debt to launch his business – living and breathing  the ‘law of attraction’ stories.

20:00 Glen recalls a funny story about buying in Ocean Beach, San Diego.

23:12 Nick asks Glen why vision boarding is so powerful.  The key is to tie emotion into your visualisation. Nick discusses Mind Movies in greater detail – how to attract abundance         through emotional connections.

26:00 Why don’t people get what they want.  Glen says “if you don’t give up, you can’t fail”.               You have to be consistent.

27:05 To tie emotion to visualisation – you need to trick your brain into believing it.  Not-believing is the biggest challenge.

28:30 What is it like for Australians living in the United States?

30:20 Realising that the Australian accent was an advantage in America.

32:20 Nick asks Glen what he thinks his purpose is today?

33:07 Glen talks about his side business from Mind Movies – called “Abundant Entrepreneurs”.

35:30 How do stay the path of being an entrepreneur – finding your passion and not staying in a state of lack.  The biggest killer of entrepreneurs is procrastination. Just take a step and learn from it.

37:45 Glen discusses “Flight Club” and what made him create it – only 40 members who meet 3 times a year.

40:20 Rapid fire questions – book, one word describes you, favourite destination, spirit animal, favourite food,

41:50 Favourite Aussie Slang that Americans don’t get it.

42:30 Glen’s contact details.




BOOKS  available through””

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss