Coaching Conversations – Ep 1: Focus, Running Lean & Pivoting Your Business Model.

In this, the first episode of Coaching Conversations, Nick and Chris from Upcoach discuss real-life strategies to get things done in your business, especially in the time of Covid-19.

What should you be focusing on at the moment?

What two things will help stabilise your business now on going forward?

How to make your business come out the other side thriving!

There are some exciting opportunities ahead for businesses that dare to take a chance, those prepared to pivot, to focus …. and to take the lead in their industry. 

How can you do that?

This episode covers these and more powerful insights in one tight and punchy 20-minute chat. 



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0:00        Show Intro

0:27        Chris and Nick discuss the purpose of the new “Coaching Conversations Podcast”.  Which is btw – an upbeat series where Nick and Chris help answer question about overcoming real-life challenges in your business.  They provide strategies and usable tools to help you take more action and get things done in your business.  Short, Sharp and Punchy – with great value!

2:15        If you have questions you’d like answered… please contact us at:   ask@upcoach.com.au

2:51        What should you be focussing on any business and niche… to stabilise your business for the future?

3:17        There’s a lack of attention to detail on “where’s the money going”.  There’s a need to KNOW these important things.  Don’t rely just on others knowing these for you.

3:59        Most people think to get a business through COVID they need to stop spending money, cut back on marketing, shut everything down, just to eat bread and water, fire everybody and don’t grow your people.  The exact opposite is true?  Why?

4:37        First thing to look at…  What your income is and what your expenses are.  Tone up the ship where you can.  To stabilise, making it leaner may be advantageous.  You need to get ready to move forward when things normalise… In whatever shape that is.

5:27        Running leaner doesn’t mean firing people, getting rid of staff, hibernating.  Means looking at more efficient ways of doing things.  Find cheaper suppliers, ordering less, rostering better… Wiser stock controls.

6:00        Two things to stabilise a business.  Become Financially efficient, and Operationally efficient.  Have you had too many people doing little bits and piece… or been doing everything yourself.  Maybe you need to hire someone… make room for you, so you can grow the business.

8:27        It all comes down to how you think about or / perceive things….  There have been thousands of people saved because of Covid-19 (New York Car accidents are down).

9:41        What does PIVOT mean in a business?   What are practical steps to doing this?  Change your model to incorporate more technology so you can cut down on prices.  Use cloud services and tidy things up!  Most importantly… UP THE SERVICE!  Over-deliver for clients.  Show value, show that your customer is worth more than gold.  Doing this is vital to your success.

14:31     Embrace Technology… use it to your advantage.  We have to.  If we are not, our competitors are.

15:02     What lies ahead in next few months in business?   With millions on some form of welfare today, things are uncertain.  Hospitality services will be in demand as people are keen to get out and about.   There’ll be a shift in the way people transact, more online focus… so business opportunities will continue to arise if you can be online and found. 

17:16     There’s a very real opportunity to lead your industry.  It’s exciting.  Start to advertise, go back to your database and contact people you we’re selling to before.   Innovate and reinvent your model.

18:31     Look at your business from the outside.  Think – “how is my industry going to be affected in the next 6 months?” 

How can you zig or zag to make the most of this opportunity?  Organically

19:01     Show wrap up…. Contact us at questions or chat about … ask@upcoach.com.au



Things have changed in business.  If you’re not prepared to change also, there’s a real chance you will suffer.  By focussing your efforts on super serving your existing clients, re-engaging former clients and looking for ways to run lean… will help greatly.  Make great use of cloud services to minimize expenses.  Don’t become the bottleneck in your business.  Stabilise, Up the Service, be proactive in your marketing and activities so that you’re in a great place to lead the industry when things get back to some form or normality – however that will look.

People Profits Purpose – Episode 26 – Extreme Ownership – 5 thinks I’ve learnt from the most decorated U.S Marines.

Nick talks about the book he read called “Extreme Ownership” by Jocko Willink – a decorated U.S Marine. He outlines the five things he took from this book that can be adapted to you and your business.

  • Admit and own mistakes
  • There are no bad teams, only bad leaders
  • Control your ego
  • Lead up the command
  • Discipline yourself

01:10 Nick talks about the book “Extreme Ownership” and the five things he adapted from a military point of you that can be incorporated in your business.

01:30 Number 1 – Admit and own mistakes and develop a plan to overcome them and blame no one else.

04:00 Whatever you don’t know, you don’t know – don’t be embarrassed by not knowing, you have the ability to change and move forward and take responsibility.

04:50 Number 2 – There are no bad teams, only bad leaders.

05:50 If you think of your team as your client – it gives you a great insight into how you are dealing with them and serving them.

07:05 Number 3 – Control your ego.

07:40 EGO is sometimes referred to as ‘Edging God Out’ – you’re not allowing yourself to grow and be nurturing and acting with love and respect..

08:40 Number 4 – Lead up the Command.

Don’t ask/tell your leader what should you do – tell them/show them what you are going to do.

10:10 As a leader – guide your staff and clients and show them what you’re going to do – as a mentor.

11:33 Number 5 – Discipline Yourself.

From personal disciplines of nutrition, exercise, sleeping habits to business disciplines like learning more about what you need to succeed professionally.

12:25 Self-discipline yourself – create habits that make you unconsciously competent.

14:41 Nick recaps the podcast.


People Profits Purpose – Natalie Ledwell – Episode 24 – Motivational speaker, best-selling author and co-founder of the revolutionary personal Development company “Mind Movies”.

A bit about Natalie: 

Natalie Ledwell is an internationally renowned motivational speaker, best-selling author, Law of Attraction Guru and co-founder of the revolutionary personal Development company “Mind Movies. These days, Natalie’s mission is to empower kids over the world to lead lives fulfilled with joy, happiness, and passion through positive affirmations and ‘mind movies’.

  • Natalie discusses the importance of Brain Plasticity – not doing things the same way every day – it increases the plasticity of the brain, so you’re more willing to accept new challenges.
  • Natalie discusses the importance of visualisation and ‘letting go’ to let the universe take care of you.
  • Being in alignment – knowing when you’re on the right and wrong track.
  • Creating an “Evidence Journal” to remind yourself that the universe is on your side when things seem hard.
  • Natalie discusses writing a book and the challenges and thrill that it gave her.
  • Nick and Natalie talk about Mind Movies for children and the road she travelled to start the project and the hurdles she faced.
  • Natalie explains the importance of emotional intelligence in children – to arm them with the techniques they need to acknowledge and deal with their changing emotions.
  • Children creating positive habits will lead to enlightened, happy and content adults.

02:35 Nick introduces Natalie Ledwell.

02:55 Nick asks how Natalie crams everything into her day or weeks…Starting the day right.

06:30 It’s important not to do the same thing the same way every day – increasing plasticity of the brain.

07:42 Natalie talks about becoming successful in business.

10:00 Natalie discusses about discovering “The Secret” and how it changed her life.  Visualising a big goal and focusing on smaller steps. Be clear about where you are going and truly believe it.

12:25 How do you know when you’re in alignment (and when you’re not) – when things are too hard and nothing is easy to achieve.

14:50 Natalie talks about keeping an “evidence journal”.  Write down everything that happens to you – to confirm that the universe is working with you.

15:30 Visualising – the importance of attaching a feeling to the visualisation.

16:45 Natalie talks being introduced to a network marketing business and discovering what is possible when using affirmations.  The importance of staying open to the universe.

22:00 Natalie talks about her book “Never in your Wildest Dreams” – what inspired her to write the book.

25:20 Nick asks Natalie to share her experiences of the difficulties in business.

26:00 Natalie talks about the kids visualisation program “Mind Movies for Kids” – creating movies to help children.

28:55 Breaking tasks down to steps and only concentrate on the next step.

30:30 We all have that feeling of being a fraud – you can’t stay there.  Shake it off and focus on the next step.

31:30 Nick asks Natalie – “What does the future look like in schools with her program”.

32:30 Emotional intelligence – working through your emotions, how to work through your feelings     or talk to someone when you can’t get out of it.

35:00 Creating great habits for kids through positive thoughts and affirmations – helping them grow with a sense of belonging and see a different way not to get stuck in it.

36:00 Nick asks Natalie – Why are kids today feeling lost?

40:00 How can people support the cause?  

“mind movies.com” – the Inspiration Show , “natalie ledwell.com”


Never In Your Wildest Dreams – Natalie Ledwell


People Profits Purpose – Colin Sprake – Episode 22 – Talking what it means to make your mark in business and life with Colin Sprake

A bit about Colin:

Colin Sprake is a South African who has built four multi-million dollar businesses from the ground up.  He has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs to achieve massive success in their businesses through his detailed processes and systems. He prides himself on the fact that business is not about a bunch of theory, everything he teaches and trains has been tested and works!

  • Colin talks about growing up in South Africa, being bullied as a teen and his struggle to overcome this and his move to Canada as a young adult.
  • Colin worked in a mining company and grew this into a multi-million dollar business before leaving to pursue his dreams.
  • Colin discusses the importance of employees in your business and if you have an amazing team around you, you’ll be more successful.
  • Colin talks about the importance of creating and organisational chart, a 12 month plan with a 5 year vision.
  • He discusses founding “Make your Mark” training and Consulting.
  • How he discovered the business was 95% mindset – he combines mindset training with business training.
  • The importance of family and business.
  • Colin talks about how to turn negativity in a business into positivity.

03:05 Nick welcomes Colin Sprake to the podcast.

03:45 Nick asks Colin to tell us about his upbringing and background.

05:00 Colin talks about being bullied as a teen and attempting suicide because of it.

09:00 Colin discusses what he learned from running a business – seeing business in a negative light and how it radiates through employees.

10:40 Understanding what employees go through is a vital concept for entrepreneurs – you can do nothing unless you have an amazing team around you.

11:20 Exceptional employee care is just as important as client care.

12:15 Colin discusses the importance of harnessing innovative people to allow the innovation to flow.

13:10 Nick asks Colin how you can get clear on where you’re heading. Putting together a 12 month plan with a 5 year vision. If you only think Vision but not feel it, it’s not going to work.

15:05 Colin talks about putting together the 12 month plan and what you should do.

17:25 Nick asks Colin to elaborate on the Organisational Chart for your business. This includes compensation plans, accountability and responsibilities.

21:50 Colin talks about “Make Your Mark” – where it started and how it grew.

23:45 Colin learned that he wanted to treat people the way he’d like to be treated.

24:15 When Colin realised that business was 95% mindset – so he started to combine mindset training with business training.

25:42 About “right” sell – what’s good for people, what’s right for people.

26:15 If people tell you that shouldn’t care – it’s a good opportunity to do it and make a fortune.

27:15 Colin talks about coming from a place where you really care – connect with people and ‘serve’ them.  Love your clients and love your vendors.

28:15 Nick asks Colin to explain how he was about to scale his business to where it is today?

28:40 Colin talks about the importance of referrals in business.

29:00 Building a business that creates a true community.

30:00 The secret of duplication – growing your business.

31:45 Learning to trust people to improve your business.

32:48 Nick asks Colin about techniques to promote ‘referrals’.  Asking for introductions.

34:15 The biggest challenges and lessons Colin has in his business life.

36:36 Colin says the golden nuggets are in your greatest challenges.

36:50 Nick asks Colin “How important is family in a business’s success?”

37:50 Make time off a reward for the hard work you put into your business.

38:54 Nick asks Colin how does his deal with negativity in business.

40:50 What does Colin think his legacy will be?

42:20 Contact details for Colin.

Through his Podcast on iTunes – MYM your business – the brutal truth!



Entrepreneur Success Recipe


Entrepreneur Success Stories


People Profits & Purpose Podcast – Dean Graziosi – Episode 16 – 45 Min power Session with Entrepreneur, Investor & Author Dean Graziosi

A bit about Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi knows how to create success. From extremely humble beginnings Dean started with a firewood business in high school, to a collision repair shop and his first real estate deal before the age of 20. From there he went on to create a multimillion dollar real estate business, became a Multiple NY Times best selling Author, 16 years everyday on TV and is one of the most watched real estate and success trainers of our generation.

Dean maximized the success and profits in each of these endeavors along his evolution and his businesses and brand have generated nearly $1 Billion Dollars in revenue. Dean is obsessed with sharing the Success Habits learned along this journey with the world.

In this episode Dean speaks about his upbringing, how to find your WHY and how it drives you day in and day out, giving gratitude and his new book “Millionaire Success Habits”

  • Dean talks about coming from humble beginnings and noticing a difference between successful people and his hard working parents.
  • Dean discusses the goal of becoming the best version of “us” focusing upon ourselves and that enthusiasm and authenticity will always outweigh perfection.
  • How the Secret of “Finding your Why Seven Times” can truly change your life and give you a sense of your life’s real purpose.
  • What is stopping you getting to the next goal in your life – anything after the ‘but’ is the story you need to address.
  • Dean talks about forcing yourself to practice gratitude every day and look back on what you’ve achieved along the way.

00:45 Nick introduces Dean Graziosi.

01:50 Dean briefly talks about his background and growing up.

03:30 Dean chats about how your thoughts can lie to you your whole life.

05:30 At a young age, Dean noticed different habits between his struggling parents and successful people.

06:30 Dean discusses the need to become the best version of ‘us’.

08:45 Nick asks Dean “Why property and what you have gotten from it”?

09:47 The theory that enthusiasm and authenticity will always outweigh perfection.

15:13 Dean talks about “Finding your why” – ask yourself ‘why’ seven times!

22:00 Nick asks Dean to talk about “what time has done for his life/success/insight” – gaining knowledge.

24:00 People spend years trying to avoid what they don’t want to do and they don’t focus on what they really want.

24:50 Dean asks the question – what is stopping you from whatever you want in life?

26:10 If you know where you want to go in life/business/success – what is stopping you is not what you think it is?  

27:00 Whatever the “But” is – becomes the story of what is stopping you from being successful.

28:20 Nick asks “What does it feel like to achieve a personal milestone”.

30:00 The curse and the blessing of the entrepreneur…

31:20 Force yourself to experience gratitude every day and look back on achievements.

33:15 Loving what you do and not retiring – getting money out of the way.

35:30 Dean tells a joke about a crazy gambler.                                                                                                     If everything went your way all the time – you would be bored.

37:10 Dean talks about his new book – “Millionaire Success Habits” – the rules for success.

40:00 Nick thanks Dean for his time.


Millionaire Success Habits – http://www.deansfreebook.com/

People, Profits & Purpose Podcast- Jet Xavier – Episode 8 – The journey behind Australia’s leading elite performance mental skills and mindset coach.

Jet Xavier is Australia’s leading elite performance mental skills and mindset coach.

He is a pioneer in the real estate industry having conducted over 2,500 elite mental skills and mindset coaching sessions.

His “Be, Live and Sell” philosophy has been designed to create a personal revolution for sales agents and principals in both their careers and personal lives.

In this episode, Jet speaks about his upbringing, how he turned his life around, how important it is to surround yourself with successful people and how thinking patterns can change your behaviour.

  • Jet came from a struggling background of domestic violence, alcohol and abuse.
  • It led to a life on the street, drug abuse, an overdose and prison time.
  • One person believed in him and helped him change his life.
  • His journey included success in the music industry and a role as a Personal Trainer.
  • Jet believes in the journey of change and constantly evolving and believes we are all born to excel and not to accept average.
  • His technique for high performance living is based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – how changing your thinking patterns changes your behaviour.
  • It takes five daily practices for success – routine is important to improve behaviour

00:55     Nick introduces Jet.

02:30     Jet’s talks about early childhood – growing up with alcohol and domestic abuse, poverty and education.

05:20     Jet turns to life on the streets at 14 – leaving home for Kings Cross.

06:30     The role that sport played in showing him that “You are worth something” .

08:41     His days on the street – the gradual decline into becoming a filthy human to survive!

10:45     “The night I almost died” – heroin overdose and loss of control that leads to the watershed moment.

15:13     The turning point meeting Carol – someone who cared – and finding religion – the belief that there’s something out there greater than you.

19:10     Jet’s music career – from garages to the professional Christian music scene and secular music – the important role music played in the healing process.

21:12     The next chapter in my life – a move into personal training – one of the first PT’s at Fitness First.

22:28     Surrounding yourself with successful people – finding personal development with mentors, high achievers  and entrepreneurs.

22:45     Jet realises we’re born to excel – why settle and be average.  The environment you put yourself in dictates what you get out of it.

24:23     Who is Jet Xavier today?

24:45     Transitioning into a new career – the journey of change and constantly evolving.    Keep asking yourself what’s the next step you need to take.

26:10     When Jet moved into real estate space as a mindset, mental skills coach.

27:40     How does the mind keep us in a prison or help us achieve success?

29:06     “Contrast” is a powerful thing – once you see what’s on the other side of fence you can……

31:20     How much of the mind do we use – and how we unlock so we can see into a different realm.

34:06     Techniques in high performing living – the power of cognitive behaviour therapy.

36:22     What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – asking different questions.

How thinking patterns change your behaviour.

39:25     How do you shift people’s mind to be confident and successful in sales?

Taking the monster head on.   Is “sales” really the industry for you?

43:55     The five daily practices for success – routine .

  1. The daily practice of controlled thinking
  2. The daily practice of efficiency and effectiveness
  3. The daily practice of human development
  4. The daily practice of authentic accountability
  5. The daily practice of reflection and renewal

46:00     What is Jet’s purpose – catalyst for change – make a difference.

46:57     Jet talks about the people who have influenced him and inspired him throughout his life.

49:05     The long distance swimming challenge.

51:30     Five rapid fire questions – top five of everything.

54:34     Get in touch with Jet – message Jet Xavier via his Facebook page.