People Profits Purpose – Harry Duran – Episode 29 – Founder of FullCast – A Done – For – You Podcast Production And Marketing Consultancy.

A bit about Harry: Harry Duran is the Founder of FullCast, a full-service, done-for-you podcast production and marketing consultancy. He helps brands and high-performing entrepreneurs amplify their authority and extend their reach through the power of podcasting.

As host of the popular Podcast Junkies on iTunes since 2014, Harry has had conversations with over 185 interesting and engaging podcast personalities.

  • Harry started in the world of corporate America, then migrated through a series of different jobs and careers until he “found himself” when he started the mobile app “Know Your DJ” which progressed to “Podcast Junkies”.
  • Harry discusses how he learned to focus on the areas you are genuinely good at and to outsource those areas that you aren’t as good as.
  • Harry talks about businesses using podcast and delivering content to attract new business
  • Discusses the six parts to podcasts.
  • How to use podcasts to increase your network, meet new people and create relationships for future business.

01:58 Nick welcomes Harry Duran to the podcast.

02:07 Nick asks Harry to talk about his background – starting his career in corporate America.

I.T Consulting, Construction, start ups

05:06 At the age of 34, Harry found himself living back at home – he decided to create his own future.

05:51 In 2012, Harry came up with the mobile app “Know your DJ”!

06:10 In 2014, saw a Podcasters conference in Las Vegas and “Podcast Junkies.

06:55 What gave Harry the courage to continue making podcasting your career/passion.

09:05 Harry discusses the power of believing in yourself and being comfortable with failure.

10:00 Nick asks Harry to describe mindset of being “a student of the craft”.

11:10 Harry discusses ‘focusing on your genius”. Focusing on those things you are good at and getting

others to look after those things you aren’t good at (ask for help – don’t do it all)

13:50 What type of businesses can start a podcast?

14:45 People buy from people – businesses need to create content that needs to repel and attract people.

15:20 Putting your authentic self forward – try not to please everyone.

16:12 There are different ways to present a podcast – not just interviews…

20:06 Nick asks how would a small business owner use podcasts as a money generator.

Who is your desired listener?

20:45 80% of podcasts are listened while on the go.

21:00 Harry discusses a few examples of the content small businesses can use to attract leads.

23:15 Nick talks to Harry about how to use your podcast on different social platforms to increase SEO and attract new leads.

24:45 Try to be where people are shopping for your products – expos, shows – promoting your podcasts.

25:30 The one thing you should do if you have a podcast is make the listener subscribe – so they download the episode.

26:00 – gives you a unique url for your podcast.  Redirects them to the link.

27:00 Harry discusses the six parts to a successful podcast.

  • Position
  • Plan
  • Production
  • Publish
  • Promotion
  • Profiting

31:50 Nick asks Harry – What are the Common Misconceptions around Podcasting?

34:00 Harry talks about not getting caught up in download figures, how 150 downloads is an incredible figure.

36:30 What has Podcast Junkies done for Harry?

37:50 The networking power of a Podcast – building a network interviewing people.

41:30 Nick asks Harry – “what do you like doing when you’re not working”.

43:15 What would you like to known for in 100 years?

45:20 Harry’s contact details:

The Link to the Podcast Launch Gameplan





Instagram: harryduranfc

47:15Nick thanks Harry for being a part of the Podcast.