People, Profits & Purpose Podcast – Stephen Bock – Episode 3 – Reaching the summit, in business and in life

What is it like to stand on top of the world, to know that every other living thing on the planet is “down there below”? What does it even take to prepare for the three month on mountain journey, that comes with a 90% failure rate? Stephen Bock knows all too well. Stephen Bock is the  61st Australian to climb Mount Everest, is an elite real estate performer (in the top 5% of salespeople for Ray White internationally), aerobatics pilot, early riser and determined businessman. Hear Stephens story of intense preparation, tactics and determination as he relates his epic climb to his business life. Nick also helps to bring together a compelling story of what it takes to succeed in business and in life.
  • Getting into the history books. Taking on Mt Everest (The Hill)…. A primary school dream come true
  • Surround yourself with a super-team. We can’t be experts in everything
  • When you’ve stood on top of the world – how do you keep passionate
  • The snooze button – aka the “failure button“
  • Success leaves clues…. It’s all about the routine, focus and incremental steps
  • How to get in touch:

2:40 Where did it all begin for Stephen Bock?   From bunny hopping from small town to small town out in the country, to moving to the big smoke … and early entrepreneurial exploits.

Stephen’s stepping stones to an illustrious sales career!

7:24 Taking on Mt Everest (The Hill)  

8:54 The intensive 11 months training regime to get a world beating team ready to climb.

9:10 Success is determined in the training cycle.  

9:35 WOW!   The training cycle to take on Everest.  Brace yourself… not for the squeamish!

11:40 It ain’t no walk in the park…. 60 days of climbing…

12:30 You’d be dead within 2 or 3 minutes without acclimatising first.  

13:54 Conditioning – beyond breaking point!  It’s all in the mind!   

15:20 It’s about becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable.

15:40 The bid for the summit… going down to climb higher.  The strategy!

16:44 The final push up “The Hill” – it’s like six days of doing 4 marathons a day

17:02 Everest “Lets You On Her”…. It’s a spiritual type thing.  Respect!

17:29 No one conquers a mountain – the mountain dictates things

21:29 Realise – you are not in control!

It’s a great reality check.

23:55 What are the last few steps before the summit really like?  

27:00 18minutes on the summit – a long time!  

28:08 It’s a blacker sky on top of the world…. 29028 feet – I’m in space!!!  

NOTE:   NEED an IMAGE OF STEPHEN To PUT IN SHOW NOTES (Mentioned by nick)  On the Mountain

30:00 The things used to climb are the same for succeeding in life.  It’s 60 days of mini goals… step by step.

31:00 To succeed you need to train much harder than the environment you’re going into.

31:42 “Who you are” – is what you’re doing when no one is watching you…

32:17 Surround yourself with a superteam.  We can’t be experts in everything!

33:00 Grab people that are better than you – and learn and grow!

34:09 When you’ve stood on top of the world – how do you keep passionate?

34:55 Give 100% or stay in bed

37:07 A day in the life of Stephen Bock…. It’s a doozy!  Tiring just listening to him!  How to get four hours ahead of your competition – everyday!

38:32 The snooze button – aka the “failure button“

40:35 Success leaves clues…. It’s all about the routine!  Focus and incremental steps.

42:00 Where does your inspiration come from?  Tony Robins… a stand out in the personal growth space.  Tom Hopkins.  Love biographies and non-fiction…. Being continually inspired.


Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

44:13 How do you recharge?  Planes trains and motorbikes!