People, Profits & Purpose Podcast- Geoff Jowett – Episode 7 – The man behind the “Body Trim” success story

Geoff Jowett has rocked the Health and Wellness space for decades.  A visionary, bodybuilding champion and Australian personal trainer of the year, Geoff has helped others to lose over two million plus kilos… and turned that success into a $35 million business.

Geoff was the skinny kid bullied at the local train station, and took that feeling of vulnerability to heart and used it to fuel his bodybuilding, fitness and weight loss empire.

From a morning TV staple who has felt the highs to the very deep lows – and came out with a great story to tell.  In this episode, Nick finds out more about the man behind the pitch, and the journey Geoff has travelled on throughout his career.

  • Fitness and Weight Loss – totally different
  • Chaos – getting too big too soon
  • CEO is vital. A different beast… Founders make terrible Chief Executives
  • Zero to Hero and back again
  • Stoicism and Buddhism
  • How to find the business GAP… there’s a science to it.
  • Geoff the morning TV staple. How to pitch a product on the tele
  • Fail forward and more than your competition
  • The power of visualisation – don’t set goals too low

00:45 Nick introduces Geoff

01:58 Geoff’s journey.  Body Building to helping people lose weight.

03:27 Why fitness?  From the skinny, bullied kid to boosting confidence and self esteem

05:40 The “Body Trim” success story.  The Food and Walking plan… no exercise allowed!

08:30 Fitness Goals and Weight Loss Goals – totally different.  

09:50 The Weight Loss Euaition – 70%, 20%, 10%.  

11:10 The DVD sales… Channel 9 gets on board.  “Australia’s Best Ever Weight Loss Plan”.

14:29 Getting big too quick?  How did you manage the growth?  A CEO is vital – a different beast.   Defining roles can make or break a business.

16:45 Everyone’s a CEO.  Founders make terrible Chief Executives… Get the EGO out of the way.  

18:45 Fish rot from the head down… have the best at the top.  Massive focus and discipline  

20:33 If you’re scaling a business – budget for a CEO.  Set things up for an exit and get out of your own way.

22:10 Zero to Hero and back again… dealing with the tough times

25:15 Australia and the Tall Poppy Syndrome.

28:22 Reading Stoic Philosophy – Ryan Holiday – “The obstacle is the way”, “The Daily Stoic”, “Ego is the Enemy” … learning from the Roman Emperors.  Tim Ferris

32:20 Money makes you more of what you are.

34:18 Finding the GAP in a business opportunity.  Hot Tip:  Look in your industry in America…

39:40 Geoff the morning TV staple.  How to pitch a product on the tele

46:10 A day in the life of Geoff Jowett