People, Profits & Purpose Podcast- Mitch Russo – Episode 5 – Advice from the author of “The Invisible Organisation”

Back in 1975, Mitch Russo was an electrical engineer selling chips (not the ones that go great with fish).  As the “TimeSlips Corp” founder and COO with over 300 staff, he knows a thing or two about running a business well.

A successful VC advisor and CEO of, Mitch Russo is a now an in demand and vastly experienced business coach and options trader.  Mitch also began working with Tony Robbins in 2007 and was placed in as CEO of Breakthrough International.

In this episode, Mitch speaks about running a $25 million business from his spare bedroom, what “hustling” really looks like and the three key reasons WHY we start businesses.

  • 30+ year career of continued success
  • Thursday nights with Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes
  • It’s about the people… culture is vital
  • Why do we start a business…the three key reasons
  • What does “hustle” look like? 3 Shirts, some undies and a suit + 10 days of walking and talking
  • Internet V Radio which works best?
  • How to advertise on radio for cheaper

00:45 Nick introduces Mitch

04:00 Benefitting from intense curiosity and the path to success.  We’re all creative… locating that and putting it to best use is the goal.  Lucky the ADD drugs didn’t exist back in the day.

06:00 A heroin addiction… saved by curiosity.  The hope.. the drive to get where you want to be.  

07:00 Dad was a candy store businessman.  Hopes of free candy were quickly dashed.  Mum was supportive one and rewarded curiosity… with great results.

09:12 What was it like to work with Chet Holmes and Tony Robbins.  The back story.  $5000 in a bank account and constantly on the verge of bankruptcy… how to survive!

10:10 Chet Holmes targeted Mitch’s company as a client for his magazine advertising company.  Didn’t take no for an answer.  

12:10 Brought Chet in when running Sage.. again with J Abraham when running

12:55 Managed Chet’s business and got into 5 months of Thursday nights of building a story with Chet and Tony Robbins…  rest is history (as they say)

14:23 Repurposing your product.   Yanking success from the jaws of defeat when the IRS makes a brand new product “irrelevant”.  What should you ask yourself?

16:00 What does “hustle” look like?  3 Shirts, some undies and a suit and 10 days of walking and talking pays off…. Eventually.

17:45 “I just kept going!”

17:50 The Infoworld review.  One Positive Review = 5:45am wake ups as the phones going crazy.  From 10 sales a week up to thousands a month.  Never stop going.  

21:39 What do other people think Mitch’s gifts are?  There’s a bit of a list…

22:20 Nick adds in the Monk & Village Elder for good measure.

23:30 Failures and what to learn from them… drug use and near dying.  

25:10 It’s about the people… culture

26:33 Why do we start a business… three key reasons.

29:44 Internet V Radio which works best?  

31:25 Radio is not only for Big Companies…  

32:00 Hot Tip!  Remnant space on radio – grows business fast and affordably

36:00 How important is mindset?  It’s like pouring fuel on the fire.

38:30 Nick gets home work… Read “You Too can be Prosperous” Robert Russell

41:00 Finding your purpose

47:20 Motorhomes, beaches, cuddles and cuisine.  Perfect!

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