People, Profits & Purpose Podcast- Jet Xavier – Episode 8 – The journey behind Australia’s leading elite performance mental skills and mindset coach.

Jet Xavier is Australia’s leading elite performance mental skills and mindset coach.

He is a pioneer in the real estate industry having conducted over 2,500 elite mental skills and mindset coaching sessions.

His “Be, Live and Sell” philosophy has been designed to create a personal revolution for sales agents and principals in both their careers and personal lives.

In this episode, Jet speaks about his upbringing, how he turned his life around, how important it is to surround yourself with successful people and how thinking patterns can change your behaviour.

  • Jet came from a struggling background of domestic violence, alcohol and abuse.
  • It led to a life on the street, drug abuse, an overdose and prison time.
  • One person believed in him and helped him change his life.
  • His journey included success in the music industry and a role as a Personal Trainer.
  • Jet believes in the journey of change and constantly evolving and believes we are all born to excel and not to accept average.
  • His technique for high performance living is based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – how changing your thinking patterns changes your behaviour.
  • It takes five daily practices for success – routine is important to improve behaviour

00:55     Nick introduces Jet.

02:30     Jet’s talks about early childhood – growing up with alcohol and domestic abuse, poverty and education.

05:20     Jet turns to life on the streets at 14 – leaving home for Kings Cross.

06:30     The role that sport played in showing him that “You are worth something” .

08:41     His days on the street – the gradual decline into becoming a filthy human to survive!

10:45     “The night I almost died” – heroin overdose and loss of control that leads to the watershed moment.

15:13     The turning point meeting Carol – someone who cared – and finding religion – the belief that there’s something out there greater than you.

19:10     Jet’s music career – from garages to the professional Christian music scene and secular music – the important role music played in the healing process.

21:12     The next chapter in my life – a move into personal training – one of the first PT’s at Fitness First.

22:28     Surrounding yourself with successful people – finding personal development with mentors, high achievers  and entrepreneurs.

22:45     Jet realises we’re born to excel – why settle and be average.  The environment you put yourself in dictates what you get out of it.

24:23     Who is Jet Xavier today?

24:45     Transitioning into a new career – the journey of change and constantly evolving.    Keep asking yourself what’s the next step you need to take.

26:10     When Jet moved into real estate space as a mindset, mental skills coach.

27:40     How does the mind keep us in a prison or help us achieve success?

29:06     “Contrast” is a powerful thing – once you see what’s on the other side of fence you can……

31:20     How much of the mind do we use – and how we unlock so we can see into a different realm.

34:06     Techniques in high performing living – the power of cognitive behaviour therapy.

36:22     What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – asking different questions.

How thinking patterns change your behaviour.

39:25     How do you shift people’s mind to be confident and successful in sales?

Taking the monster head on.   Is “sales” really the industry for you?

43:55     The five daily practices for success – routine .

  1. The daily practice of controlled thinking
  2. The daily practice of efficiency and effectiveness
  3. The daily practice of human development
  4. The daily practice of authentic accountability
  5. The daily practice of reflection and renewal

46:00     What is Jet’s purpose – catalyst for change – make a difference.

46:57     Jet talks about the people who have influenced him and inspired him throughout his life.

49:05     The long distance swimming challenge.

51:30     Five rapid fire questions – top five of everything.

54:34     Get in touch with Jet – message Jet Xavier via his Facebook page.