People Profits & Purpose Podcast – Kute Blackson – Episode 14 (Part 1) – Intimate lessons from the author of You Are The One

Kute Blackson is an author, a coach, a speaker and an inspiration.

Born in Ghana, the child of a Japanese mother and a Ghanaian father, Kute Blackson has been labelled as the next generation leader in the field of personal development.

Kute’s fresh, bold look at spiritual awareness is about “Liberated Living” at its core, Kute believes you must break free of the person society and you think you should be and become your real self to live the life your heart truly desires.

In Part 1 of this podcast, Kute enlightens us about his upbringing, provides insight into the topic of spiritual revolution and starts to unravel the the question of WHO you really are.

  • Kute was born in Ghana, the son of a spiritual leader who preached in churches in both Africa and London.
  • His father wanted Kute to follow in his footsteps and become the church leader, but Kute knew this was not the path his heart and soul wanted to follow and broke away choosing ‘himself’ and following his own path.
  • He won a “Green Card” at 18 and set on his own journey to find answers and discover his true self.
  • Nick and Kute discuss what miracles really are and how we live miracles every day without realising it.
  • We all know that we should listen to our intuition, but until we strip ourselves of who we should be and uncover who we really are, we’ll never really trust and believe in our true self and intuition.
  • The process of finding out who we really are is about uncovering the layers of expectation, experience, environment and society beliefs.

01:15 Nick introduces Kute Blackson.

04:00 Kute discusses his early childhood – and where his spark began.

06.45 Kute picks up his first self-help book that changes his life.

07.40 Kute talks about turning 18 and choosing ‘himself’ over what his Father expected of him.

10.40 Kute wins a Green Card to the United States to start his journey and quest to find answers.

14.00 Nick talks to Kute how we are a living miracle but we forget about it.

16.50 Kute asks his Father – How do miracles happen?

18.15 Controlling our lives – and surrendering to a bigger possibility.

20.50 Nick asks why do people need to believe in something?

23.00 Kute talks about the spiritual revolution – to wake up and find out who you really are.

24.50 Nick asks Kute how he trusted his inner guidance at 14?

27.00 Starting to acknowledge the ‘deep knowing’ within yourself.

29.50 The pain of ‘misalignment’ – where am I lying to myself. What am I pretending to not know?

32.40 Kute talks about intuition – conditioning clouds us to perceive clearly – how we lose the ability to trust our intuition.

36.05 Who are you? Are you the real you, or the person you’re conditioned to be

37.00 The process of removing layers of ourselves and the outcomes.


“You Are The One” – Kute  Blackson