People Profits & Purpose Podcast – JP Sears – Episode 15 – JP’s advice on How to be Ultra Spiritual

A bit about JP:

JP Sears is a life coach, author and internet comedian.  He has attracted a cult like following with his parodying of veganism, gluten-free fads, new age beliefs and ‘modern hippy’ topics through his social media platform ‘Awaken with JP’.

What many people don’t realise is that JP Sears also runs his own successful serious life coaching and “emotional healing” business.  JP believes in living an authentic life and using the energy of playfulness to reveal the ‘real you’ and has recently released his first book “How to Be Ultra Spiritual – 12 ½ Steps to Spiritual Superiority” – because “brilliant people write books”.

In this episode JP speaks about his upbringing, just How to Ultra Spiritual, he discusses the concept of embracing discomfort and the role of humour throughout life.

  • Even in his early years, JP Sears used comedy to get through different aspects of his life, family & education.
  • He became a life coach, mentor, and by chance, came up with comedy video which gathered over 100 million views.
  • His “Awaken with JP” series attracts millions of people on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.
  • JP Spears is still a serious life coach that believes spirituality is not a theory – it’s a connection or feeling that you’re part of something fluid and greater than you.
  • JP uses satire/humour to get his spiritual message across – he believes in using the energy of playfulness to talk about a deeper message and finding the ‘real you’.
  • JP encourages people to embrace discomfort to achieve a new level of successful living.
  • He hopes that people will release the constrictions of ‘seriousness’ to grow and develop in life.

00:55 Nick introduces JP Sears.

02:27 JP talks about where it all started – childhood, university, learning about nutrition discovering humour as a release.

05:45 JP discusses starting his internet channel – “How to Be Ultra Spiritual” and expressing his point of view through comedy.

09:05 Nick asks JP “what does spirituality mean to you”?

11:10 JP talks about having a spiritual connection and how it is “feeling orientated”.

14:20 Why do people feel the need to be spiritual?

15:05 What is “Vitamin P – Purpose” and why do we need it.

17:44 JP discusses the theory of Forrest Gump and how he simply followed his heart which led him to a life of purpose/adventure.

20:20 Nick asks JP why he took the satirical approach to get his deeper message across to the public.

24:20 How using humour constructively can help people get closer to their hearts and their true self.

28:10 Magic happens when we learn to laugh at those aspects of our lives that are important to us.

29:30 JP discusses the concept of “seriousness” and how it constricts and controls your mind.

33:30 What is the big lesson in life JP had to learn to grow?

36:40 JP talks about “embracing discomfort” and outlines an example in his life where he took on an uncomfortable situation and not playing it safe.

39:20 The next level of discomfort – once you take on discomfort you’ll be presented with the next level.

40:45 Nick talks to JP about a passage from his book – ridding yourself of being judgemental. Having your judgments – just don’t be judgemental of them.
44:40 JP Sears talks more about his book and people pursuing happiness more accurately in their life.

45:42 Nick asks JP about the influential people in his life.

46:00 What about JP ask his maker when he meets them?

47:25 Rapid Fire Questions with JP Sears…

49:50 How people can connect with JP Sears – Awaken with JP – social media

“How to be Ultra Spiritual” – by JP Sears

“Conversations with God” – Neale Donald Walsch