People Profits Purpose – Chris Herbert – Episode 18 – Providing the ultimate Customer Experience from NPI’s Executive Coach

A bit about Chris:

Chris Herbert is an Executive Coach at Nick Psaila.  His career started in hospitality as a chef.  After travelling the world in his profession, Chris realised that he wasn’t following his passion and studied business.

Chris became a business owner, running a bar and restaurant, Finders Keepers on the Gold Coast.

This led Chris to a position at Nick Psaila International as an Executive Coach.

  • Nick talks about his passion for customer experience or CX.
  • What is customer experience and how important it is to give your customers a positive experience when dealing with your customers
  • Uncovering the “why” of your business – why are you selling what you sell?
  • The story of Apple and how their customers live their ‘why’ with them.
  • How do you get to know your customers better – what to do with feedback and how to communicate this with your customers.
  • It’s the little touches that build memorability.
  • How training is essential to building the right culture in a business and it all starts from the top.
  • Look around you for inspiration and how different businesses are providing great customer experience.
  • By 2020, customer experience will overtake product and price as the most important aspect for a customer
  • Chris recommends books for business owners.

00:43 Nick welcomes Chris

01:10 Chris talks about his background – starting in hospitality as a chef, then studying business that lead him to work with NPI as an executive coach.

04:45 Chris discusses the importance of the client experience – what is customer experience?
If you create memorable experience for people, they will return.

08:00 The consequences of a customer having a bad experience – social media.

08:30 What makes a great client experience? Anything in a business flows down from the top.

10:20 “Consider the small details” – the little touches matter.

12:20 The ‘cumulative’ effect of the personal touch.

13:50 How can business owners ‘check in’ with customers to find out what they do to improve their product or services?

16:00 What are the negative impacts from not using the feedback you receive. Promoting the changes that were made from feedback.

19:00 Chris talks about the “why” or the “purpose” of a business – Simon Senik on YouTube.

Very few businesses know why they are selling/doing what they’re doing.

22:40 Nick talks about being connected with your ‘why’ – how can the business owner show and promote their passion of their why.

23:40 The “Apple” experience as an example of how customers can become invested into your “why”.

25:20 Nick asks Chris – how important it is to build the same experience with your staff – success starts from culture. Forming the right culture is the foundation of success.

26:50 The importance of getting the right person and train them well – reflect the company culture. Look at training systems – assessment program, accountability.

31:08 Chris talks about what he does to create a great customer experience.

33:45 The ROI for customer experience is very hard to measure – by 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product.

34:30 What are the small changes you can make it your business to make it a better experiences

34:55 Chris recommends books – Simon Senik “Leaders Eat Last” “Find your Why”
“Delivering Happiness” by Tony Shay, “Good to Great” by Jim Collins.

36:05 Nick ask Chris “where do you look for inspiration”.
Look around you for inspiration – how businesses think differently about the customer experience.

39:55 How do you set the client up for a great experience – about “Roadshows” and a nurture process – keep people inspired. The experience starts once they click on the ad. Making the experience personal.

42:10 What is the best and worst client experience that you’ve had?

45:00 What is the fundamental principle of a great customer experience.

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