People Profits Purpose – Giovanni Marsico – Episode 19 – Speaking with the founder of Archangel Academy & Genius Network Member

A bit about Giovanni:

Giovanni Marsico is the founder of Archangel  Academy – a private membership community of entrepreneurs that are making the world a better place through purpose driven entrepreneurship and philanthropy.  Inspired by the X-Men comic series, Marsico believes that everyone has a super power and when these superpowers are combined – great things can be achieved.

He also hosts the Archangel Summit – an annual gathering of leaders and professionals who want to do well by doing good.  100% of proceeds from the Summit are gifted to the Archangel Fund to make the world a better place.

  • Giovanni talks about growing up in Toronto – being a ‘gifted child’ and being bullied.
  • As a young adult, he became part of the Genius Network which inspired him to start the Archangel Movement.
  • The Archangel Academy works on the principle that everyone has a superpower – and when these superpowers combine, we can create a movement that makes the world a better place.
  • Giovanni believes that Archangel is more about creating a tribe than a business with a mission.
  • Marsico then created the Archangel Summit – an annual event that brings leaders together to create change.
  • Giovanni talks about his new book “The Gifted Entrepreneur” which will be released later this year
  • The key is to find your own super power and work to it.
  • Never stop dreaming.

01:00 Nick introduces Giovanni Marsico

02:00 Nick talks about meeting Giovanni.

03:00 Giovanni talks about his background – growing up in Toronto.  Being bullied for being a gifted child.  He discovered the “Xmen” comic book as a teenager where ‘gifted’ people played a central role in the series.   His love of comics led to the formation of Archangel – a tribal community of ‘super hero’ entrepreneurs.

05:20 Timeline from high school to founding Archangel – being part of the Genius Network that gave him the inspiration to start his own foundation

09:55Nick asks Giovanni “what makes a superhero” in his company.

11:10 Have you struggled with the feeling whether your efforts are worthy ?

11:50 Everyone has a superpower or gift – at first it seems like a curse, but it really is an advantage.

14:00 Nick asks Giovanni his take on negativity and ‘imposter syndrome’.  For most people it comes from their childhood.

16:00 How the current school model doesn’t fit the entrepreneur – that makes people think that there is something wrong with them because they don’t succeed in that environment.

17:30 How does Giovanni help develop future ‘superheroes’ recognising their talent and handle their ‘villain’.

18:30 How do you find out what your superpower is?  You can’t do it alone.  You need an external source to tell you what they rely on your for, what you’re enthused about.

19:30 Giovanni brings everyone’s superpowers together to create something special.  

20:00 What is the change you want to see in the world – and what are you doing to move in that direction – find similar people who want the same thing and start a movement.

21:30 How do you get three or four thousand people together to form the Archangel movement.

22:15 Who is an Archangel?  

25:00 Giovanni explains how to start a movement when you’re an entrepreneur.  How true fans become your ambassador.  Using knowledge about your loyal fans to attract like-minded people.

28:45 Nick asks Giovanni about his book – “The Gifted Entrepreneur” – based on your superpower and building a business on this.

31:00 Rapid Fire Questions – what would you tell your young self?

34:00 Giovanni talks about family – and how it impacts on his life.

36:00 Giovanni’s two recommended books – anything by Seth Godin

His favourite pastime, favourite food, what to be remembered for.

39:40 Contact details:



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