People Profits Purpose – Colin Sprake – Episode 22 – Talking what it means to make your mark in business and life with Colin Sprake

A bit about Colin:

Colin Sprake is a South African who has built four multi-million dollar businesses from the ground up.  He has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs to achieve massive success in their businesses through his detailed processes and systems. He prides himself on the fact that business is not about a bunch of theory, everything he teaches and trains has been tested and works!

  • Colin talks about growing up in South Africa, being bullied as a teen and his struggle to overcome this and his move to Canada as a young adult.
  • Colin worked in a mining company and grew this into a multi-million dollar business before leaving to pursue his dreams.
  • Colin discusses the importance of employees in your business and if you have an amazing team around you, you’ll be more successful.
  • Colin talks about the importance of creating and organisational chart, a 12 month plan with a 5 year vision.
  • He discusses founding “Make your Mark” training and Consulting.
  • How he discovered the business was 95% mindset – he combines mindset training with business training.
  • The importance of family and business.
  • Colin talks about how to turn negativity in a business into positivity.

03:05 Nick welcomes Colin Sprake to the podcast.

03:45 Nick asks Colin to tell us about his upbringing and background.

05:00 Colin talks about being bullied as a teen and attempting suicide because of it.

09:00 Colin discusses what he learned from running a business – seeing business in a negative light and how it radiates through employees.

10:40 Understanding what employees go through is a vital concept for entrepreneurs – you can do nothing unless you have an amazing team around you.

11:20 Exceptional employee care is just as important as client care.

12:15 Colin discusses the importance of harnessing innovative people to allow the innovation to flow.

13:10 Nick asks Colin how you can get clear on where you’re heading. Putting together a 12 month plan with a 5 year vision. If you only think Vision but not feel it, it’s not going to work.

15:05 Colin talks about putting together the 12 month plan and what you should do.

17:25 Nick asks Colin to elaborate on the Organisational Chart for your business. This includes compensation plans, accountability and responsibilities.

21:50 Colin talks about “Make Your Mark” – where it started and how it grew.

23:45 Colin learned that he wanted to treat people the way he’d like to be treated.

24:15 When Colin realised that business was 95% mindset – so he started to combine mindset training with business training.

25:42 About “right” sell – what’s good for people, what’s right for people.

26:15 If people tell you that shouldn’t care – it’s a good opportunity to do it and make a fortune.

27:15 Colin talks about coming from a place where you really care – connect with people and ‘serve’ them.  Love your clients and love your vendors.

28:15 Nick asks Colin to explain how he was about to scale his business to where it is today?

28:40 Colin talks about the importance of referrals in business.

29:00 Building a business that creates a true community.

30:00 The secret of duplication – growing your business.

31:45 Learning to trust people to improve your business.

32:48 Nick asks Colin about techniques to promote ‘referrals’.  Asking for introductions.

34:15 The biggest challenges and lessons Colin has in his business life.

36:36 Colin says the golden nuggets are in your greatest challenges.

36:50 Nick asks Colin “How important is family in a business’s success?”

37:50 Make time off a reward for the hard work you put into your business.

38:54 Nick asks Colin how does his deal with negativity in business.

40:50 What does Colin think his legacy will be?

42:20 Contact details for Colin.

Through his Podcast on iTunes – MYM your business – the brutal truth!


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