People Profits Purpose – Natalie Ledwell – Episode 24 – Motivational speaker, best-selling author and co-founder of the revolutionary personal Development company “Mind Movies”.

A bit about Natalie: 

Natalie Ledwell is an internationally renowned motivational speaker, best-selling author, Law of Attraction Guru and co-founder of the revolutionary personal Development company “Mind Movies. These days, Natalie’s mission is to empower kids over the world to lead lives fulfilled with joy, happiness, and passion through positive affirmations and ‘mind movies’.

  • Natalie discusses the importance of Brain Plasticity – not doing things the same way every day – it increases the plasticity of the brain, so you’re more willing to accept new challenges.
  • Natalie discusses the importance of visualisation and ‘letting go’ to let the universe take care of you.
  • Being in alignment – knowing when you’re on the right and wrong track.
  • Creating an “Evidence Journal” to remind yourself that the universe is on your side when things seem hard.
  • Natalie discusses writing a book and the challenges and thrill that it gave her.
  • Nick and Natalie talk about Mind Movies for children and the road she travelled to start the project and the hurdles she faced.
  • Natalie explains the importance of emotional intelligence in children – to arm them with the techniques they need to acknowledge and deal with their changing emotions.
  • Children creating positive habits will lead to enlightened, happy and content adults.

02:35 Nick introduces Natalie Ledwell.

02:55 Nick asks how Natalie crams everything into her day or weeks…Starting the day right.

06:30 It’s important not to do the same thing the same way every day – increasing plasticity of the brain.

07:42 Natalie talks about becoming successful in business.

10:00 Natalie discusses about discovering “The Secret” and how it changed her life.  Visualising a big goal and focusing on smaller steps. Be clear about where you are going and truly believe it.

12:25 How do you know when you’re in alignment (and when you’re not) – when things are too hard and nothing is easy to achieve.

14:50 Natalie talks about keeping an “evidence journal”.  Write down everything that happens to you – to confirm that the universe is working with you.

15:30 Visualising – the importance of attaching a feeling to the visualisation.

16:45 Natalie talks being introduced to a network marketing business and discovering what is possible when using affirmations.  The importance of staying open to the universe.

22:00 Natalie talks about her book “Never in your Wildest Dreams” – what inspired her to write the book.

25:20 Nick asks Natalie to share her experiences of the difficulties in business.

26:00 Natalie talks about the kids visualisation program “Mind Movies for Kids” – creating movies to help children.

28:55 Breaking tasks down to steps and only concentrate on the next step.

30:30 We all have that feeling of being a fraud – you can’t stay there.  Shake it off and focus on the next step.

31:30 Nick asks Natalie – “What does the future look like in schools with her program”.

32:30 Emotional intelligence – working through your emotions, how to work through your feelings     or talk to someone when you can’t get out of it.

35:00 Creating great habits for kids through positive thoughts and affirmations – helping them grow with a sense of belonging and see a different way not to get stuck in it.

36:00 Nick asks Natalie – Why are kids today feeling lost?

40:00 How can people support the cause?  

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Never In Your Wildest Dreams – Natalie Ledwell