People Profits Purpose – Nick Nanton – Episode 25 – Five Time Emmy Award-Winning Director and Producer

A bit about Nick:

Nick Nanton is a 5 time Emmy award-winning director and producer. Nick is recognised as a leading expert on branding and storytelling. He has written more than two dozen best-selling books and speaks to audiences internationally on the topics of branding, entertainment, media, business and storytelling.

  • Nick discusses his background and his attempts to “get a seat at the table” – doing something differently.
  • Telling stories is a simple process – it’s about where did you come from, where are you now and where are you going’.
  • Nick’s attitude to achieving his goals – you simply do not quit. Being fiercely resilient.
  • When you celebrate each and every little win, it starts to become addictive.
  • Nick discusses his latest documentary about human trafficking and how much of an epidemic it is.
  • Nick talks about his love of fishing and the life lessons he has learnt from fishing.
  • Nick explains how he has bought part of Winston Churchill’s cigar and what he did with it.

02:40 Nick introduces Nick Nanton.

03:00 Nick Nanton talks about his background – where it led him today.

Nick talks about trying to get ‘a seat at the table’ and his journey to do that.

06:15 Nick ask Nick what should people do to get that door opened – showing people that you have something worth listening to.

07:10 Nick asks how important is it for Nick N to tell stories. And how did it all come about?

08:50 Nick talks about how ‘you can dream it, you can do it’.

10:30 How do you start creating a documentary – what is the process?

11:40 Nick asks Nick to explain how he goes about creating a story of the documentary and what his objective?  Where did you come from, where are you now, where are you going?

13:01 How do you think about the questions to get the outcomes you want with the film?

16:35 Nick asks “How do you win 5 Emmy Awards?”.  Having a strategy, doing the best that you can, being fiercely resilient and not quitting.  Refusing to quit is the key

17:40 What is your process to deal with projects that don’t go to plan?   “Moving on” is the key. It’s never going to change – ‘the hammock principle’ – relax in hammock between brilliance and bankrupt.

22.15: Celebrate the little wins until they become a habit and addictive.

22:45: Nick talks about his new documentary “Operation Railroad” about Human Trafficking.

24:04: What does human trafficking look like?

26:45 Nick asks Nick Nanton to talk about the heroes or unique people he meets in his travels.   The secret to life is being interested and interesting.

27:40 Nick talks about the film for Rudicker or Rudy and meeting him – The Four Cs Character, courage contribution and commitment.

29:30 Nick Nanton talks about his love of fishing.  From fishing he learnt two great lessons in life –    you have to be fishing with the right bait, if you want to catch big fish you need to go where the big fish are.

31:10 Nick asks Nick Nanton why he bought a part of Winston Churchill’s cigar.  

32:50 What would you love to be known for?

34:10 How can people support and contact

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