People Profits Purpose – Paul Chek – Episode 27 (Part1) –  The founder of the CHEK Institute and Synkinesis LLC, providing personal, professional and spiritual solutions for success 

A bit about Paul: Paul Chek is an internationally-renowned expert in the fields of corrective and high-performance exercise and kinesiology.  He is a speaker and consultant, author and inventor – producing over 50 DVD’s and 16 home study courses for fitness and clinical professionals.

Paul provides personal, professional and spiritual solutions for success and is the founder of the CHEK Institute and Synkinesis LLC.

In Part One, Paul talks about his background and journey into his current field. He spends time discussing the physical body and physical health.

  • Paul discusses his childhood and growing up on a farm on Vancouver Island.
  • He travelled to the U.S at 21 and joined the army.
  • Paul talks how his army career led him into the field of high performance training – nutrition, conditioning and training.
  • Paul spends some time talking about the ‘totem pole of importance’ and how every part of the body is connected to the next.
  • Paul discusses the elements of the totem pole in depth and how they work.
  • Paul mentions the 4 Doctors you need in life and how they need to be balanced for everything to work in synergy.

01:00 Nick introduces Paul Chek.

02:30 Paul talks about his background.  Growing up in Los Angeles and moving to Vancouver Island as a child.  Being raised on a farm, Paul developed grounding in nutrition and using your mind to solve promblems.  

06:45 At 21, Paul moved to U.S and joined the Army. Went to Ford Bragg and got into the Boxing team.

08:10 Paul was in charge for conditioning, nutrition and training for the team and began career.

09:50 Paul talks about spending money on studying the most he could in his field.

10:50 Paul discusses where his studying has led him and what he has achieved.

12:15 Nick asks Paul about the “Chek totem pole of importance” for human survival.

14:30 Paul talks about the extensive research he conducted to piece together a model on the 10 symbols that controls each other…The higher it is, the more power it has.

15:30 Paul discusses the 10 different symbols and what they mean.

21:40 Paul talks about the medical system and how it is set up.

22:45 Nick asks Paul “Why do people over complicate things?”.

23:22 Almost everything can be attributed to the 4 Doctors –

Dr Happiness, Dr Diet, Dr Quiet, Dr Movement.

26:30 Religious programming – that stop us from living and loving fully

27:50 One of great challenges is our systems are set up to worship authority figures

and forsaking our own happiness in the process.

29:30 We live in a world of ideas but we don’t know where our food comes from.

In Part Two:  Paul will delve into the spiritual world sharing his insights into who we and and what we’re doing on this planet.