People Profits Purpose – Glen Ledwell – Episode 23 – The little known Aussie that rocked the world and grew his business to over 5 million customers in under 10 years

A bit about Glen:

Glen Ledwell is an Australian entrepreneur with a diverse background.  Glen started his first business at the age of 17 and throughout his early career he owned and operated a nightclub, property development company, an event company and started Australia’s first ever in-bathroom advertising company.

In 2007, Glen co-founded the Mind Movies – a personal development ‘vision board’ movement inspired by the best-selling book “The Secret” that led him to move to San Diego.  Today Mind Movies has reached over 4.2 million viewers.

Glen also formed Flight Club Mastermind – an exclusive, high-end online marketing mastermind for top internet marketing entrepreneurs.

  • Glen talks about growing up Sydney and his early passion for being an entrepreneur.
  • Glen chats about how the best-selling book “The Secret” was the inspiration to start his business “Mind Movies”.
  • He chats to Nick about moving to San Diego in the early days and the challenges of building his business.
  • Nick and Glen discuss visualisation and the importance of connecting emotion to your goals.
  • Glen talks about being an Australian in the United States – the advantages and disadvantages.
  • How “The Flight Club” started and it’s aims and goals.
  • About life as an entrepreneur – to stop procrastinating and just ‘do’.

00:55 Nick introduces Glen Ledwell.

03:30 Glen talks about his background – growing up in Sydney.  Starting his first business at 15.

06:00 Nick asks Glen where his passion for entrepreneurism came from?

09:20 What does Glen Ledwell do today?   Glen talks about being the CEO of Mind Movies and Flight Club.  Glen discusses what he loves doing.

11:32 Nick asks Glen more about “Mind Movies” – Glen talks about the back story and the challenges he had building his business.

14:00 Glen discusses how the book “The Secret” inspired him to change his thinking and how they started the company with $2,300.

17:00 Glen talks about his two “a-haa” moments as he started his business.  

18:30 Glen moves to the US in a lot of debt to launch his business – living and breathing  the ‘law of attraction’ stories.

20:00 Glen recalls a funny story about buying in Ocean Beach, San Diego.

23:12 Nick asks Glen why vision boarding is so powerful.  The key is to tie emotion into your visualisation. Nick discusses Mind Movies in greater detail – how to attract abundance         through emotional connections.

26:00 Why don’t people get what they want.  Glen says “if you don’t give up, you can’t fail”.               You have to be consistent.

27:05 To tie emotion to visualisation – you need to trick your brain into believing it.  Not-believing is the biggest challenge.

28:30 What is it like for Australians living in the United States?

30:20 Realising that the Australian accent was an advantage in America.

32:20 Nick asks Glen what he thinks his purpose is today?

33:07 Glen talks about his side business from Mind Movies – called “Abundant Entrepreneurs”.

35:30 How do stay the path of being an entrepreneur – finding your passion and not staying in a state of lack.  The biggest killer of entrepreneurs is procrastination. Just take a step and learn from it.

37:45 Glen discusses “Flight Club” and what made him create it – only 40 members who meet 3 times a year.

40:20 Rapid fire questions – book, one word describes you, favourite destination, spirit animal, favourite food,

41:50 Favourite Aussie Slang that Americans don’t get it.

42:30 Glen’s contact details.




BOOKS  available through””

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss