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People Profits Purpose – John Belcher – Episode 20 – A teacher and partner at

A bit about John: John Belcher is a teacher and partner at – a company that educates people on how to succeed with...

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People Profits Purpose – Giovanni Marsico – Episode 19 – Speaking with the founder of Archangel Academy & Genius Network Member

A bit about Giovanni: Giovanni Marsico is the founder of Archangel  Academy – a private membership community of entrepreneurs that are making the world...

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Behind The Mic ~ Your Host Nick Psaila


Welcome to People, Profits & Purpose

Where I get to interview and unwrap people by understanding what makes them tick. Plus get to dive deep into the mind of my special guest, find out what their purpose is and how they have created their wealth. It’s also where I get to share my concepts, tools, hacks and tips to help increase your profits and help you build your personal and business life UP!

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My aim for People – Profits & Purpose is to ask questions that let the listener understand where the “success” has come from whatever that success may be. I want to uncover what they ( the guest) has used to create financial success and what practical applications they can share plus dive deep on the principles, tools and tactics that helped drive the outcome of my guests.

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