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People Profits & Purpose Podcast – Ajit Nawalkha – Episode 9 – Understanding life & living BIG

Ajit is a business coach, angel investor, speaker and author with the motto of LIVE BIG. He’s the Co-Founder of Mindvalley and is keenly focussed on creating personal excellence in himself and others. Born in India to a small household of only 22 people (all in the same house) it’s pretty amazing that he’s described by most as having infectious calmness. Starting out with a lack of abundance or understanding of money in the world… most learn early that money is the most important thing – providing safety, security and is the measure of success!  BUT – is that really the case?  Ajit disagrees. Ajit is  currently writing an edgy guide for business coaches (due out 2018) and is happy to share the core themes and how to implement them today. For a  vegetarian who lists “Understanding Humans” as his super-power, in this episode Nick speaks to him about his journey from his beginnings to MindValley, his biggest lessons to date and why humans actually need a challenge!
  • Questioning your reality
  • There’s more exciting things in life than money
  • Rules aren’t always true, changing your reality and questioning things
  • What really drives a human being?
  • Extrinsic vs Intrinsic motivators… get things done because we care!
  • We need challenges in our lives… we don’t want comfort.
  • Advice for a start-up – TIP: don’t quit your day job!
  • Looking to scale…? How
  • Not everyone has to save the world
  • Being practical about your passion

00:42   Nick introduces Ajit

01:52   So – where did it all begin?

04:40   Making money  a focus?  Being scared makes you do things that are safe – not fulfilling.

05:40   Learning that some things are more valuable than money

08:20   The “Mindvalley” story…  creating personal excellence.

13:20   What explains human beings?

14:25   Intrinsic motivators (passion) and greed… finding purpose.

15:55   Humans aren’t lazy.  We need a challenge – comfort not the be all and end all.

16:22   Humans need challenge

17:30   Biggest lessons learned?

17:50   You need to give respect to people.

22:25   It’s going to be ok… best  advice to give your younger self.

23:40   Who and what to take to a deserted island?

25:17   Advice for a start-up… “don’t quit  your day job.”

27:40   Scaling a business – finding a great team / focus on the systems

30:45   A day in the life of Ajit?  Rituals and routines… intermittent fasting explained.

39:40   Ajit’s book… currently writing:  A guidebook on how to look at your business in a new light. Being practical with your passion.

43:30   Scheduling your Bucket List… makes it irrelevant.

46:13   Connect with or on facebook / Instagram


“The Code of the Extraordinary Mind” – Vishen Lakhiani

“Stealing Fire” – Steve Kotler

People, Profits & Purpose Podcast- Jet Xavier – Episode 8 – The journey behind Australia’s leading elite performance mental skills and mindset coach.

Jet Xavier is Australia’s leading elite performance mental skills and mindset coach. He is a pioneer in the real estate industry having conducted over 2,500 elite mental skills and mindset coaching sessions. His “Be, Live and Sell” philosophy has been designed to create a personal revolution for sales agents and principals in both their careers and personal lives. In this episode, Jet speaks about his upbringing, how he turned his life around, how important it is to surround yourself with successful people and how thinking patterns can change your behaviour.
  • Jet came from a struggling background of domestic violence, alcohol and abuse.
  • It led to a life on the street, drug abuse, an overdose and prison time.
  • One person believed in him and helped him change his life.
  • His journey included success in the music industry and a role as a Personal Trainer.
  • Jet believes in the journey of change and constantly evolving and believes we are all born to excel and not to accept average.
  • His technique for high performance living is based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – how changing your thinking patterns changes your behaviour.
  • It takes five daily practices for success – routine is important to improve behaviour

00:55     Nick introduces Jet.

02:30     Jet’s talks about early childhood – growing up with alcohol and domestic abuse, poverty and education.

05:20     Jet turns to life on the streets at 14 – leaving home for Kings Cross.

06:30     The role that sport played in showing him that “You are worth something” .

08:41     His days on the street – the gradual decline into becoming a filthy human to survive!

10:45     “The night I almost died” – heroin overdose and loss of control that leads to the watershed moment.

15:13     The turning point meeting Carol – someone who cared – and finding religion – the belief that there’s something out there greater than you.

19:10     Jet’s music career – from garages to the professional Christian music scene and secular music – the important role music played in the healing process.

21:12     The next chapter in my life – a move into personal training – one of the first PT’s at Fitness First.

22:28     Surrounding yourself with successful people – finding personal development with mentors, high achievers  and entrepreneurs.

22:45     Jet realises we’re born to excel – why settle and be average.  The environment you put yourself in dictates what you get out of it.

24:23     Who is Jet Xavier today?

24:45     Transitioning into a new career – the journey of change and constantly evolving.    Keep asking yourself what’s the next step you need to take.

26:10     When Jet moved into real estate space as a mindset, mental skills coach.

27:40     How does the mind keep us in a prison or help us achieve success?

29:06     “Contrast” is a powerful thing – once you see what’s on the other side of fence you can……

31:20     How much of the mind do we use – and how we unlock so we can see into a different realm.

34:06     Techniques in high performing living – the power of cognitive behaviour therapy.

36:22     What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – asking different questions.

How thinking patterns change your behaviour.

39:25     How do you shift people’s mind to be confident and successful in sales?

Taking the monster head on.   Is “sales” really the industry for you?

43:55     The five daily practices for success – routine .

  1. The daily practice of controlled thinking
  2. The daily practice of efficiency and effectiveness
  3. The daily practice of human development
  4. The daily practice of authentic accountability
  5. The daily practice of reflection and renewal

46:00     What is Jet’s purpose – catalyst for change – make a difference.

46:57     Jet talks about the people who have influenced him and inspired him throughout his life.

49:05     The long distance swimming challenge.

51:30     Five rapid fire questions – top five of everything.

54:34     Get in touch with Jet – message Jet Xavier via his Facebook page.

People, Profits & Purpose Podcast- Geoff Jowett – Episode 7 – The man behind the “Body Trim” success story

Geoff Jowett has rocked the Health and Wellness space for decades.  A visionary, bodybuilding champion and Australian personal trainer of the year, Geoff has helped others to lose over two million plus kilos… and turned that success into a $35 million business. Geoff was the skinny kid bullied at the local train station, and took that feeling of vulnerability to heart and used it to fuel his bodybuilding, fitness and weight loss empire. From a morning TV staple who has felt the highs to the very deep lows – and came out with a great story to tell.  In this episode, Nick finds out more about the man behind the pitch, and the journey Geoff has travelled on throughout his career.
  • Fitness and Weight Loss – totally different
  • Chaos – getting too big too soon
  • CEO is vital. A different beast… Founders make terrible Chief Executives
  • Zero to Hero and back again
  • Stoicism and Buddhism
  • How to find the business GAP… there’s a science to it.
  • Geoff the morning TV staple. How to pitch a product on the tele
  • Fail forward and more than your competition
  • The power of visualisation – don’t set goals too low

00:45 Nick introduces Geoff

01:58 Geoff’s journey.  Body Building to helping people lose weight.

03:27 Why fitness?  From the skinny, bullied kid to boosting confidence and self esteem

05:40 The “Body Trim” success story.  The Food and Walking plan… no exercise allowed!

08:30 Fitness Goals and Weight Loss Goals – totally different.  

09:50 The Weight Loss Euaition – 70%, 20%, 10%.  

11:10 The DVD sales… Channel 9 gets on board.  “Australia’s Best Ever Weight Loss Plan”.

14:29 Getting big too quick?  How did you manage the growth?  A CEO is vital – a different beast.   Defining roles can make or break a business.

16:45 Everyone’s a CEO.  Founders make terrible Chief Executives… Get the EGO out of the way.  

18:45 Fish rot from the head down… have the best at the top.  Massive focus and discipline  

20:33 If you’re scaling a business – budget for a CEO.  Set things up for an exit and get out of your own way.

22:10 Zero to Hero and back again… dealing with the tough times

25:15 Australia and the Tall Poppy Syndrome.

28:22 Reading Stoic Philosophy – Ryan Holiday – “The obstacle is the way”, “The Daily Stoic”, “Ego is the Enemy” … learning from the Roman Emperors.  Tim Ferris

32:20 Money makes you more of what you are.

34:18 Finding the GAP in a business opportunity.  Hot Tip:  Look in your industry in America…

39:40 Geoff the morning TV staple.  How to pitch a product on the tele

46:10 A day in the life of Geoff Jowett


People, Profits & Purpose Podcast- Dustin Mathews – Episode 6 – Key lessons from the founder of Speaking Empire

He’s a bestselling author, having recently co-written “No BS Guide to Powerful Presentations” with Dan Kennedy and codified the highly regarded “Irresistible Offer Architecture”, Dustin Mathews is the presentation king! The Founder and CEO of “Speaking Empire”, Dustin Matthews is an in-demand training guru who has studied with Frank Kern and Dan Kennedy.  He is a serial entrepreneur and regular columnist with Entrepreneur Magazine and has assisted with multi-product launches worth tens of millions of dollars. In this episode, Nick & Dustin speak about what Speaking Empire is all about and reveal key lessons that Dustin has learned over his career in sales and marketing.
  • How presentations can change your life
  • Getting people to take action is essential
  • The problems with thinking short term
  • Business needs to stay in touch with valued clients
  • The power in your partnerships
  • Learn from people around you, it’s essential

3:27 Presentations can change your life….  Doesn’t always have to be up on stage.

4:07 Dustin’s background… how to avoid public speaking and copping out

6:20 Getting excited about getting a crowd excited.

7:20 From leaving with nothing to school to #35 on Inc Magazine’s winners list.

7:39 Big key – get people to take action.. Step 1.  Get people in front of you.

8:50 Big message – you have to understand marketing. Have a presentation that is ready to go…

10:25 The power of OFFLINE mail…  

11:58 Big mistake with direct mail?  Don’t do it cold!  Get known first

13:50 Dustin’s failures…. Being a baby face – will people take me seriously.  Beating yourself up… I’m no worthy!  

14:40 The problem with thinking short term.  

15:13 Failures are learning lessons – you learn a lot more when it’s your money

15:50 Joe Polish quote – how long is a buying cycle

18:23 Dustin’s superpower?  X-Ray vision times two?

20:41 What should a business focus on for growth? … find the business within the business (new revenue stream).

21:25 Business need to stay in touch with their valued clients.  Treat the base that’s all ready there

22:00 There’s power in partnerships – Joint Ventures.  Trade customers

23:43 What is Dustin’s business “Speaking Empire” all about?

25:23 We bought a church – a business investment made in heaven.  

28:00 We’re in the job of getting people to take action

BOOKS: 28:55 – Dan Kennedy (Co-authored).  

Think and grow rich – Napolean Hill

How to win friends and influence people – Dale Carnegie

29:40 Learn from people around you.  Customers, team members, yourself. Loved ones.

Dustin’s book with Dan Kennedy:  

30:41 Dan is a marketing guy – direct response marketing guru.

Powerful book about presentations.  One presentation can make you rich!

No BS guide to Powerful Presentations:  (This LINK – )

It’s about the structure of a persuasive presentation.  Five core elements of a powerful presentation.  What do we do before the presention.  What’s the follow up like?  Retargeting…  using technology.

32:52 Finding your purpose?  What helps?

People, Profits & Purpose Podcast- Mitch Russo – Episode 5 – Advice from the author of “The Invisible Organisation”

Back in 1975, Mitch Russo was an electrical engineer selling chips (not the ones that go great with fish).  As the “TimeSlips Corp” founder and COO with over 300 staff, he knows a thing or two about running a business well. A successful VC advisor and CEO of, Mitch Russo is a now an in demand and vastly experienced business coach and options trader.  Mitch also began working with Tony Robbins in 2007 and was placed in as CEO of Breakthrough International. In this episode, Mitch speaks about running a $25 million business from his spare bedroom, what “hustling” really looks like and the three key reasons WHY we start businesses.
  • 30+ year career of continued success
  • Thursday nights with Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes
  • It’s about the people… culture is vital
  • Why do we start a business…the three key reasons
  • What does “hustle” look like? 3 Shirts, some undies and a suit + 10 days of walking and talking
  • Internet V Radio which works best?
  • How to advertise on radio for cheaper

00:45 Nick introduces Mitch

04:00 Benefitting from intense curiosity and the path to success.  We’re all creative… locating that and putting it to best use is the goal.  Lucky the ADD drugs didn’t exist back in the day.

06:00 A heroin addiction… saved by curiosity.  The hope.. the drive to get where you want to be.  

07:00 Dad was a candy store businessman.  Hopes of free candy were quickly dashed.  Mum was supportive one and rewarded curiosity… with great results.

09:12 What was it like to work with Chet Holmes and Tony Robbins.  The back story.  $5000 in a bank account and constantly on the verge of bankruptcy… how to survive!

10:10 Chet Holmes targeted Mitch’s company as a client for his magazine advertising company.  Didn’t take no for an answer.  

12:10 Brought Chet in when running Sage.. again with J Abraham when running

12:55 Managed Chet’s business and got into 5 months of Thursday nights of building a story with Chet and Tony Robbins…  rest is history (as they say)

14:23 Repurposing your product.   Yanking success from the jaws of defeat when the IRS makes a brand new product “irrelevant”.  What should you ask yourself?

16:00 What does “hustle” look like?  3 Shirts, some undies and a suit and 10 days of walking and talking pays off…. Eventually.

17:45 “I just kept going!”

17:50 The Infoworld review.  One Positive Review = 5:45am wake ups as the phones going crazy.  From 10 sales a week up to thousands a month.  Never stop going.  

21:39 What do other people think Mitch’s gifts are?  There’s a bit of a list…

22:20 Nick adds in the Monk & Village Elder for good measure.

23:30 Failures and what to learn from them… drug use and near dying.  

25:10 It’s about the people… culture

26:33 Why do we start a business… three key reasons.

29:44 Internet V Radio which works best?  

31:25 Radio is not only for Big Companies…  

32:00 Hot Tip!  Remnant space on radio – grows business fast and affordably

36:00 How important is mindset?  It’s like pouring fuel on the fire.

38:30 Nick gets home work… Read “You Too can be Prosperous” Robert Russell

41:00 Finding your purpose

47:20 Motorhomes, beaches, cuddles and cuisine.  Perfect!

48:20 Get in touch with Mitch –

See Mitch’s photos –

People, Profits & Purpose Podcast – David Cavanagh – Episode 4 – Wise words from the Google and Youtube wizard.

David is a keynote speaker working the four corners of the globe.  A larger than life Aussie who has lived in Thailand for over 13 years and currently runs workshops & boot camps in getting businesses onto the first page of Google and Youtube. Once found dressed as Superman on Gold Coast Booze Cruises, he’s now far happier providing step by step guides on how to getting you ranked well, and he tells it like it is. In this episode, David explains his techniques used to generate motivated clients and how to make money using his tried and tested tools.
  • Getting on Google’s first page!
  • Just call “sales” – helping people if you like.
  • Made $1million in 9 months – by just getting stuck in
  • The laptop should be called the Lap-SHOP… earn money anywhere!
  • Super Dave – to super Blubber! Booze Cruise hero with a six pack!
  • Learn the power of Youtube.
  • What does google want from you?
  • Be the dumbest person in the room

03:25 David’s formative years!  His Punchbowl origins living down the road from Vince Sorenti (Aussie Comedian).

05:45 How did David get into sales?  We’re all in sales, whether we know or not.  We’re all selling something!

07:19 How do you find a way to sell and be well received.  Solve a problem… how?

09:40 How did Dave end up living in Asia?

10:15 Moved to Thailand – had very little money.  Locked himself into a room, figured out what he was good at, made some services/products.  Nine months later had made a Million!

12:25 What is Dave’s super power…?   Getting clients on First Page of Google – building a sustainable business and putting money in the bank account

13:40 Youtube is powerful if you provide solutions to people’s problems.  Don’t focus on HITS!  That’s how idiots track success.  

Drive leads to a landing page… convert that interest….  Good call to action.  Need a great site that rewards the interest.  Wow them…. Make sure your video matches your pages.  

16:55 Don’t be scared of doing videos.  Even your mobile phone camera is brilliant.  

19:54 Get noticed on Google…  focus on your business – and let the professionals do the optimising.   Model the success of others.  Google wants relevant results – give people what they want to buy.  Use Opt-ins, reports and don’t spam google with black hat techniques.

Give google what they want!  Ts & Cs, Policies and Procedures, contact pages with a phone number…and they will reward you.

22:30 HOT TIP: On the Chrome browser (Google’s)… find SEO STACK.  Get relevant key phrases to use in content writing, site content etc.  Try “” Give it time.  

24:17 Secret Tip – Google Registration… shhh!

25:40 “Mobile Business Cards” – digital versions.  

29:37 Who has influence you?  Meeting Jim Rohn.  Tony Robbins, J Abraham.  Alan Pease

The main influence – those who attend my course.  They help make the course work.

33:25 How do you recharge?  Weirdly normal ways!


Best Book to Gift: “Greatest Salesman in the world” – Og Mandino

Get in touch with Dave:

People, Profits & Purpose Podcast – Stephen Bock – Episode 3 – Reaching the summit, in business and in life

What is it like to stand on top of the world, to know that every other living thing on the planet is “down there below”? What does it even take to prepare for the three month on mountain journey, that comes with a 90% failure rate? Stephen Bock knows all too well. Stephen Bock is the  61st Australian to climb Mount Everest, is an elite real estate performer (in the top 5% of salespeople for Ray White internationally), aerobatics pilot, early riser and determined businessman. Hear Stephens story of intense preparation, tactics and determination as he relates his epic climb to his business life. Nick also helps to bring together a compelling story of what it takes to succeed in business and in life.
  • Getting into the history books. Taking on Mt Everest (The Hill)…. A primary school dream come true
  • Surround yourself with a super-team. We can’t be experts in everything
  • When you’ve stood on top of the world – how do you keep passionate
  • The snooze button – aka the “failure button“
  • Success leaves clues…. It’s all about the routine, focus and incremental steps
  • How to get in touch:

2:40 Where did it all begin for Stephen Bock?   From bunny hopping from small town to small town out in the country, to moving to the big smoke … and early entrepreneurial exploits.

Stephen’s stepping stones to an illustrious sales career!

7:24 Taking on Mt Everest (The Hill)  

8:54 The intensive 11 months training regime to get a world beating team ready to climb.

9:10 Success is determined in the training cycle.  

9:35 WOW!   The training cycle to take on Everest.  Brace yourself… not for the squeamish!

11:40 It ain’t no walk in the park…. 60 days of climbing…

12:30 You’d be dead within 2 or 3 minutes without acclimatising first.  

13:54 Conditioning – beyond breaking point!  It’s all in the mind!   

15:20 It’s about becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable.

15:40 The bid for the summit… going down to climb higher.  The strategy!

16:44 The final push up “The Hill” – it’s like six days of doing 4 marathons a day

17:02 Everest “Lets You On Her”…. It’s a spiritual type thing.  Respect!

17:29 No one conquers a mountain – the mountain dictates things

21:29 Realise – you are not in control!

It’s a great reality check.

23:55 What are the last few steps before the summit really like?  

27:00 18minutes on the summit – a long time!  

28:08 It’s a blacker sky on top of the world…. 29028 feet – I’m in space!!!  

NOTE:   NEED an IMAGE OF STEPHEN To PUT IN SHOW NOTES (Mentioned by nick)  On the Mountain

30:00 The things used to climb are the same for succeeding in life.  It’s 60 days of mini goals… step by step.

31:00 To succeed you need to train much harder than the environment you’re going into.

31:42 “Who you are” – is what you’re doing when no one is watching you…

32:17 Surround yourself with a superteam.  We can’t be experts in everything!

33:00 Grab people that are better than you – and learn and grow!

34:09 When you’ve stood on top of the world – how do you keep passionate?

34:55 Give 100% or stay in bed

37:07 A day in the life of Stephen Bock…. It’s a doozy!  Tiring just listening to him!  How to get four hours ahead of your competition – everyday!

38:32 The snooze button – aka the “failure button“

40:35 Success leaves clues…. It’s all about the routine!  Focus and incremental steps.

42:00 Where does your inspiration come from?  Tony Robins… a stand out in the personal growth space.  Tom Hopkins.  Love biographies and non-fiction…. Being continually inspired.


Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

44:13 How do you recharge?  Planes trains and motorbikes!  

People, Profits & Purpose Podcast – Tom Collins – Episode 2 – From Blue collar background to Sales Superstar

From telephone sales and coaching training – to being on TV and selling to over 15,000 buying customers a week, Tom is one of the most experienced direct response and revenue optimization experts on the planet.  

“As the founder of “FOUND REVENUE” and the CEO of C5 Consulting, based in Salt Lake City USA, Tom’s been running the back end for the best in business, including working extensively with the big direct response company PMI.”

In this episode, Tom explains his story and the lessons he has learned from an extensive career in all things sales and direct response marketing.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How Tom grew a business up to $150 million with over 600 staff?
  • What to look for when recruiting a sales person… Tom’s got some great insights.
  • What do you do when you’ve done everything you wanted to? If you’ve lost your why, what will keep you motivated?
  • What “else” are your customers buying? How can you provide it and profit.
  • A lot of money is being left on the table…. People don’t know what they don’t know.
  • What impact has your family had on your business and life balance?

00:36 Nick introduces Tom Collins.

02:51 Learn Tom’s story.  From blue collar background, to college and recognising sales as the bridge to escape the Blue Collar life ahead.

3:46 How ads in a newspaper gathered huge success…  Back when a $150 ad for a job in sales would bring in 100 + keen people every week.

4:43 Selling seminars / infomercials for the gurus.  Learning how to sell and coach.  

5:06 The power of direct response advertising.  Been hooked for 25 years now!

5:39 Sales is viewed as “not cool”.   Is that right?  Nick explains

6:33 Sales was an escape… over time it has changed into a birthday party.  Now nearly as good as being a pro ball player.

7:15 How did Tom grow a business up to $150 million turnover with 600+ staff?

9:57 “We failed at everything”… when a $200 000 spend got no response.  

10:30 “How partnerships helped us grow” –  as the momentum kicks in.

11:19 What to look for when recruiting a sales person… Tom’s got some great insights that he swears by.

12:44 Hay makers and hay balers…. You need both kinds of salespeople in your team.

13:22 What failures has Tom had?  What did he learn from them?

13:41 How to overcome major setbacks… Going from “we are done” to leaps and bounds!  What  we did as we struggled to pay bills for 51 out of 52 weeks.  

16:07 When you can’t pay the bills, what attitude helps you to prevail?

16:55 What do you do when you’ve done everything you wanted to?  When you’ve lost your why,   what will keep you motivated?

19:30 Money follows the happiness – Key lesson learned!

20:00 If your “why” is the money – get ready for a crazy ride of ups and downs.

21:13 So just how successful can telesales be?  It has a bad reputation – should it?

23:08 Hear a success story about closing prospects successfully with a little friendly follow up.

27:06 What niches work well with “cold calls”?

28:13 Learn how a carpet cleaner utilises the data available and a call centre to achieve great success.

32:15 What is Tom’s business “Found Revenue” all about?

32:47 Sales and marketing makes it easier to keep score!

32:57 Think – what “else” are your customers buying?  How can you provide it and profit?

36:43 A lot of money is being left on the table….  People don’t know what they don’t know.  

37:54 What impact has your family had on your business and life balance?

40:48 What’s downtime like for Tom?  How do you recharge?

43:23 What to chat further – Tom’s available to answer questions happy to get back to you.  Just check the “Found Revenue” NEED THE LINK – for some Checklists and Blueprints – on Lost Revenue… just search – Nick Psaila & Tom Collins on Facebook and LinkedIn.

LINKS: 42:07 “Mount Olympus” – A photo of the view from Tom’s front door  

NEED THE LINK from Nick given by Tom (mentioned in show)

People, Profits & Purpose Podcast – Nick Psaila – Episode 1 – Your introduction to the podcast

In this first episode of the People Profits & Purpose Podcast, host Nick Psaila outlines his goals, objectives and key focus of the show. Taking a leaf from his bestselling book “UPology”, Nick briefly defines the Universal Themes and Principles that he teaches and swears by for a successful life.
  • Yin & Yang (01:30min)
  • Ouroboros (02:50min)
  • Mindset (04:21min)
  • Strategy (05:15min)
  • Mastery (05:50min)
  • Evolution (07:14min)

00:00 Nick’s Welcome to the show – Show 1

00:56 Nick’s WHY? – It’s about Sharing work, mindset, methodologies, principles.

01:16 Upology – Nick’s book has 2 Universal Themes & 4 Principles.  

01:30 1st Universal Theme – “Yin & Yang” – Life Balance discussed

01:48 Duality – the varied sides of the same person.

02:50 2nd Universal Theme – “Ouroboros” (Snake Eating Own Tail).  To continuously improve yourself

04:21 Principle 1 – “Mindset” defined… how it affects us.  The thoughts we spend time on dictate the condition we’re in.

05:15 Principle 2 – “Strategy” defined… once we’ve thought about something… how do we get it done?

05:50 Principle 3 – “Mastery” – unconscious competence – don’t need to think.  You make it look easy.  

07:14 Principle 4 – “Evolution” – Continually bettering yourself.  Mental, Physical, Spiritual.  

09:02 What will the show include?  Combination of stand-alone topic / theme (thoughts, tools techniques) and Guest Interviews (hone in on some cool people).  

09:16 Fresh approach – three key focus points for the show: “People, Profits and Purpose”

09:44 PEOPLE:   Deconstruct superstars, athletes, musicians.. Those helping us get better.  Those pushing humanity forward.  Break things down what they do and how we can incorporate this into our own lives.

10:31 Will also include “Ordinary” people doing extraordinary things.  Nick’s sister – the adversity, the achievements to learn from how she dealt with things.  Not just well-known people.

11:19 Who and What people are?  Where do they come from, what makes them tick?  What keeps them awake at night?  What challenges and adversity they’ve gone through.  What can we learn from their successes and failures?  Common thread for all of us.

12:25 PROFITS:   The money side of life.  Can’t trade cows for beans… we need money to interact.   What skillsets do we know to grow business?  How to create wealth, what to do with money when we have it?  What can we learn from those who are already successful?  

13:51 What can technology do to increase your income?  How to be profitable with business or life.

14:19 PURPOSE: Why do people do what they do?  What does it mean to be in FLOW?  How do we know what our purpose is and stay on track?  How to get or learn that “knowing” or A-Ha moment?

16:05 How to share your purpose with others?

16:30 Who are you and would you like to see on the show?

16:40 Farewell.